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  • Do you want to take advantage of the huge growth in anti-aging, long-term health and longevity coaching?

  • You know already, that Baby Boomers are out there, and you could see yourself teaching them how to Master and Take control of their long term health?

  • You have lots of life experience and you want to do something more rewarding, where you can also help others?

If you can answer one of these questions with YES, you are ABSOLUTELY at the right place!

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Your Personal Freedom is a Right

It is everyone’s birth right to feel fulfillment in designing, creating, owning and enjoying the kind of life they want. Claiming these birthrights is easy for a few but an uphill task for many. That is when the feelings of being trapped, hopeless, and oppressed creep in. They can grow so strong to an extent that they can destroy you.

The best part of our Longevity Training is reclaiming your Personal Freedom. To feel unbounded, realize you’ve got more potential, to take away your subconscious limitations and achieve your goals.

It is that priceless help that we offer at Personal Longevity.


The Longevity Subscription Service

You badly want to make things right? Then trust in this service.

It will help you develop your Personal Freedom. Our promises are modest but our value is huge !

See videos, audios, blogs, Ebooks, and much more on Longevity. New materials every month !

We have a mission to help you build your long term health and wellness and to gain your personal freedom.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction


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Hold Workshops & Make Dollars

What types of people will sign up for Longevity Workshop events?


  •  Baby Boomers who are aging and looking for ways to improve their health and longevity

  • Spa & Resort Clients looking for more ways to improve their wellness and happiness

  • Resort Business Clients wanting to add something really new and innovative to their Events

  • Persons wanting to improve not only their exterior beauty but their inner youthful beauty & health too.

  • Persons who might want to become Longevity Coaches and more…..

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Individual Longevity Coaching

Get individual Coaching on Longevity 


  • Maybe you have read about Longevity Coaching on this website and you want to see how it can help you?

  • Would you like to learn the Diet’s & Lifestyles of Long Lived People around the world?

  • Or you have chronic illnesses and are looking for some help?

  • Or you want to learn how to change your lifestyle to live as long as possible.

  • Maybe you want to know what the short term benefits of Longevity Coaching are all about?

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Books on Longevity and Wellness

We have a wide variety of Books/Ebooks on Longevity and related Topics


Martin has authored several books on spirituality among them The 10 Principals of Personal Longevity upon which the longevity program is based! Others are:

  • Enlightenment & Immortality

  • Telomeres and Longevity

  • The Healthier Living Ebook Bundle and

  • 32 Longevity Receipes & Diets and Lifestyles of the Worlds Oldest Peoples.


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Some Chapters in the Professional Coaching Ebook:

  • Is Coaching a real Profession?

  • How Much do Coaches Earn?

  • What Standards & Risks Exist for Coaching?

  • The Growth of Professional Coaching

  • Is Professional Coaching right for me?

  • How to be successful as a Coach

  • Virtual Coaching

  • How Your Age will affect your market:

  • Additional Sources of Revenue

  • Issues to watch out for



A FREE copy of the new EBook on Professional Coaching
A FREE ECourse on what the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity are all about



Signup and get this EBook to see if becoming a Professional Coach is the right thing for you:

“Aging fears, chronic health conditions, and other life concerns can be addressed by a powerful combination of psychological, spiritual, vital forces, and physical principles.”

Imagine Investing in your Long Term Health and Wellness!

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