Master and Control your PERSONAL FREEDOM, Long Term Health and Happiness with the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity …..

Help humanity to break free from our restraining societal boundaries and enable a renaissance of the new age based on individual personal freedom by learning our new Personal Longevity Processes



The philosophy of the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity is all about changing the way we humans think about our total being.

When you know that your health means your total being, then working to improve your Spirit, your Mind, your Heart, and your physical body…….results in long term health, improved happiness, and extended longevity.

Our Life’s Path

The 10 step personal longevity program is how we start people on the right path – to help them improve their total being in a variety of ways:


 By working on your life purpose and what you want to get out of life

By helping you connect to the core spirit which exists in all of us

 By recognizing that happiness in life is closely linked to our health

 By breaking out of the box of expectations that we have to struggle, get old, and die.

By realizing that many of the chronic health conditions most of us face as we grow older can be dramatically helped by an integrated spirit, mind, and body.

By knowing that you can live longer and healthier than you ever thought possible.

We have a structured framework for assessing each non-physical and physiological step a student will make towards the start of their life’s longevity journey, based on learning the 10 principle of longevity, which provides every student with a real chance to…

•    Develop a balanced and optimized lifestyle

•    Become a complete human being

•    Experience the new age of personal freedom

•    Learn how to leverage inner energy fields to achieve life extending personal longevity

•    How to empower yourself to help to make a positive difference in the life of others

•    Actually being able to change the world by creating PERSONAL FREEDOM…

What does it mean to change the world?

We hear the phrase “I want to change the world” so often that the expression has become almost  meaningless. And much of the time it’s said by some egotistical megalomaniac who really just wants power…..

What is a worthy objective for changing the world?

A wise man once said:


“Change the world outside of us and you may create something important which will last. Change the way a man thinks and you will  change everything.”

Consider these personal issues:

Will you accomplish what you want to during your life?

Will you  be active when you are older or be an invalid and shut in?

 Do you have to lose your looks as you get older?

 Do we have to die at a certain age?

Can we learn to Master our Aging processes?

How long can a person really live?

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Now this lack of freedom, aging fears, and concerns about living a worthwhile life can be addressed by a powerful combination of psychological, spiritual, vital forces, and physical principles


Changing your entire lifestyle is the key…. and changing the way you think is critical. Learn how the 10 principles of personal longevity can change your life

Our Training program is based on the book:

“The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity”

(184 pages of facts, theory, exercises, and more)

Learn a ‘Step-By-Step’ and ‘Day-by-Day’ System That Allows You to Master and Control Your Own Destiny and Long Term Health

The Result of Five Years of Research and Experience

In 2008 I published my first book on longevity “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide” which has been very successful and has sold all over the world. This book introduced the facts that there are many long lived people in the world, along with theory and practices about how you can extend your own life.

In the last five years I’ve met a lot more people in the worldwide “Immortalist” community, learned much more about longevity, and had more important experiences such as experiencing powerful “Unconditional Love”.

This led me to formulate the 10 principles of personal longevity starting in the fall of 2012. These principles have now been introduced to the world and are achieving broad acceptance.

I strongly believe that these principles offer everyone a chance to implement a new holistic philosophy in their lives.


You will find this training very exciting. Imagine How Your Life Could Be after learning and living by the 10 Principles:

Having a new sense of personal freedom and purpose

Realizing that the ways we are taught to conform by living under governmental control and others expectations–doesn’tn have to be.

 Live a more relaxed life with reduced stress 

 Feel healthier and with more energy

 Feel more connected to others and happier with your relationships

 Enjoy Unconditional Love in your life

 Live to enjoy every day–not just try to get through it.   These are real effects of an empowering philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity…

And these results can be yours too!


I did not realize prior to taking Marty’s longevity course just how dependent the length of my life was on my thoughts and beliefs about age. I have only scratched the surface of this important course, and already I can see conditioned thought dissolving as awareness and scientific evidence replaces my upbringing.  I CAN live to be a thousand!  Think of the careers I could try out!  Think of the bucket list of activities I could accomplish!  Think of the enlightened spirit I could  arrive at if I did not have to keep starting at age zero over and over again!!–Cheryl who is a successful Diet Coach

Was excited to take this course to share new information with my clients in health and wellness. Was excited to see how it would benefit my health-and it has. I will incorporate what I’ve learned with all of my clients so they can understand how they can change their lives. –Carmela-An experienced Life Coach, NLP, Reiki Master, and several more certifications

I was interested in the program so I can add more tools to my practice and help women achieve better health and longevity in their lives. Also, so that my clients can learn to use their intuition for safety in their lives. I learned more about people who have lived really long lives so that now I know it’s possible and the importance of my spiritual connection. It will also allow me to better help clients to develop their life purpose-Kat- A certified hypnotherapist and personal life coach

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Will the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity Really Work for Me ?


As an engineer and “show me” type of person I researched the lives of very long lived persons since I wanted to learn how they managed to live so long. As a result I’ve uncovered many of the reasons for their long lives. The 10 principles are based on real research on the root causes of long term health, happiness, and longevity.
Even following just a few of these principles will dramatically improve your long term health–and therefore your longevity. My concept of the 10 principles embodies not just psychological, spiritual, vital forces, and physical health issues, but also current research in medical science.
I teach what therapies are recommended by the latest advances in medicine, as well as longevity supplements, and exercises and practices for many of the principles which are known to improve long term health.  Of course there is no guarantee for any of us to live longer than is nornally thought possible, but the practices I teach from a variety of sources are known to work


Start Today to Change your Lifestyle for the Better-Don’t Wait!


What’s This Training Program Worth?    

This Program includes live video recordings of a weekend workshop I did a while back which I am making available to you online, from the comfort of your home.

It also includes five years of research which is codified in the 10 principles of longevity in an easy to understand manner.

Each module focuses on a specific principle for long term health and longevity along with implementation planning.

You can do one module a day or do the whole course at once if you can’t wait!

So…let’s do some quick math to see what it would have cost if you would’ve attended the live event…  

The ticket to the weekend seminar alone would have cost $1,200

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The round-trip plane ticket to Los Angeles would have cost about $450.


In total, you would have spent close to $2,100


If you attended the LIVE version of this workshop, you would have spent close to $2,100.
Imagine the amount of time that you  would have had to take off from work, the cost of being away from your family, and the expenses involved with dropping everything you were working on.

Let’s be honest. The real question is not actually how much you would’ve paid, but more like how much will you lose by NOT getting the information to improve your long term health & address your chonic pain and illness problems.
But you don’t need to pay $2,100 –Get started for

as Little as $97

Get the entire Basic Training & Resource pages for only $97 !

Here’s Just Some Of What You’re About To Discover:

 Records of many long lived persons from 120 to 256 years old–bios,  pictures, a 14 minute video, and more to help you breakdown the boundaries of old beliefs abut life extension

How you can take charge of your personal freedom, long term health, happiness, and longevity

Check How to Master and Control your own health and not depend upon government run healthcare to rule your future  

CheckHow a melding of alternative health/holistic practices and traditional medicine and science provides the optimum set of principles to manage long term health.

Check A set of planning tools to help you with the implementation process for the 10 principles of personal longevity

CheckA unique way of looking at your health, happiness, and longevity which is “out of the box” thinking now–but will become the way everyone thinks about long term health in the future



And of course you will get a copy of  The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity” too 

(184 pages of facts, theory, exercises, and more)

So I have a question for you…

Do you want to finally start developing your personal freedom and long term health this year once and for all?

Or do you want another 12 months to pass you by?

This really is a fantastic opportunity.

The only question now is… will you take it?

To Your Success,


Personal-Longevity, Inc.

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P.S. In ‘The Personal Longevity Program’, I’m giving you step-by-step and day-by-day instructions for learning long term health practices. And these principles work. I know, because I’ve tried and tested every single one myself!