Personal Longevity – Define your Strengths with Crystal

(Small Changes are HUGE coach)

Presented By:

Martin Ettington-Engineer, Creator of Longevity Coaching, Longevity Membership Site, and Longevity Workshops, & Author of 30 Books/Ebooks, Speaker to groups, radio, and TV on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

Crystal Williamson, Small Changes are HUGE coach, author, Reiki Master. Crystal started as a secretary at a non-profit organization, to computer training/coaching several of the top 100 law firms in NYC to becoming the CEO of her company Small Changes are HUGE!  She created her company to help small business owners discover their strengths and grow financially, spiritually, and mentally.  Motto: Take one small action every day … commit to it … watch what happens!   


Learn More about your Personal Strengths

How to define your Purpose and Goals

Learn how to apply Longevity Lifestyle and Diet Principles to your life

Learn A philosophy of LIfe to Live longer and happier

Learn how to use the Personal Longevity model to apply your strengths daily

Learn how to use the Small Changes are HUGE model to apply your strengths daily


The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity
What are Strengths?  Why are they important?
ID and name your strengths
Define your strengths style
Reinforce your strengths daily by using the strengths day-by-day chart
Now what? What are the next steps with your strengths

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1) Marty Ettington-A free 30 minute consultation on your longevity lifestyle-worth $75

2) Marty Ettington-Special Discounts on the Exclusive Longevity Membership Site

3) Crystal-One 30-minute distance Reiki session (mutual appointment time)


4) Crystal One 30-minute Small Changes are HUGE strategy session

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These will be integrated and combined Classes:

Martin’s Longevity Class each week:

Week 1: What is Longevity Coaching?

History of this Program

The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

What are Principles 1-3?

Week 2: How do we change lives

Short term Personal Freedom for Clients

Principles 4-7

Week 3: Tools for Clients

Principles 8-10

Training Server Coaching Course

What Crystal will teach each week:

Week 1:

  • Strengths (+) === Understand your strengths and use them to discover more about yourself
    • Know how your strengths can empower you
  • Tell others your strengths
  • Do them multiple times a day
  • Teach others

Week 2:

  • Weaknesses (- , negatives, liabilities) === Use tools (like a journal or a mentor) to stop your weaknesses and decide what to do about them
    • How knowing your weaknesses can empower you
  • Write about them (journaling)
  • Patterns – are you hungry or tired or something else
  • Can someone else “fulfill” that weakness?

Week 3:

  • Leverage ( use, influence) === Use those strengths in many of life’s situations
    • Increase your strengths even more!!
  • Stumbling blocks and what to do about them.
  • Now What??!? Think of some real life situations to use your strengths.

If you have any questions you can contact us as follows:

Marty Ettington Phone: 310-386-6388 Skype: martin.ettington