Here are some of the benefits of what you will learn:

  • Learn a longevity lifestyle to apply to your life

  • Learn the Diets and Lifestyles of long lived cultures around the world

  • Learn records of long lived people around the world from their early, to mid one hundreds, and older.

  • That the nonphysical aspects of our being as important as our bodies for long term health.

  • The short term psychological benefits of “Personal Freedom” you will get from our program

  • and Much More

You want to learn a longevity lifestyle but don’t want to become a Longevity Coach so you are looking for an introductory program. It’s called “In Depth Longevity Training” and It’s all based on the “10 Principles of Personal Longevity in the card below

Here are more details of what the 10 Principles are all about: 

These principles are laid out in a step by step process to help people understand and implement them in their lives:

Principle #1 – The Reality of Long Lived People


The first principle is the evidence of people who have lived well over the age of 120 years old to 150-180-200, and even a 256 year old man from China: LI CHING-YUN: The Longest Lived person of record-256 Years (Source-The New York Times-May 6, 1933)





Principle #2  Life Purpose

Within our Longevity Research we found out, that if one doesn’t have a reason to live, or have a purpose in life–then what is the point? This means a very important step to develop longevity is how you can develop your own positive life purpose, or bring it up to date with your phase in life. Without reviewing your purpose–none of the rest of the longevity principles matter.

Principle#3 – Enabling the Life Urge

Have you ever realized how we are all programmed to expect to live through certain stages in life and then die? It’s so common in our society that we don’t think it odd that we expect to die at a certain age? Have you ever heard radio ads saying “You are getting up in your sixties and seventies” so it’s time to come out to our cemetery and buy a plot” How ridiculous is this? and do you see how much our subconscious has been programmed towards death? This principle is all about reprogramming ourselves to have a more positive outlook on life and it’s possibilities.

Principle#4 – Having a Spiritual Connection in Your Life

Most of us innately understand that we have a spiritual core in the center of our being. It is this spiritual core that we need to connect with to enable our physical health too. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. Regular meditation, deep prayer, or just walking in the woods helps you make tor keep that connection in your life.

Principle #5 – Having Love In Your Heart

One of the most important things I learned in the last five years was that Unconditional Love is a real and physical thing. It is a powerful energy force in life and not just a philosophical belief system. I considered it so important that I added it as a separate principle of longevity. True Unconditional Love is healing, embodies happiness, and is a powerful part of our vital forces.




Principle #6 – Energy Body Health

We all have an energy body which is part of our vital forces. The Indian talk about the “Chakras” and the Chinese talk about “Energy Meridians” in Acupuncture. We should all learn different practices to keep our vital forces flowing for maximum health and vitality.




Principle #7 – The Science of Longevity

Science and Medicine are making new discoveries all the time that we can take advantage of to extend our lives. Why not take advantage of these discoveries which provide new therapies and supplements to increase our longevity. There is also a lot we can learn from plants and animals. We all share the same genetic basis. Some of these plants and animals live thousands of years and some cells are immortal. What can we learn from them to apply to our lives?


Principle#8 – Physical Body Health

There are many types of supplements used for anti aging for thousands of years. What can we learn about them that we can apply to our lives. What other considerations about our physical health does non traditional or alternative medicine offer?

Principle#9 – Using Your Intuition For Safety

Once you have established your own long term health then what is the greatest danger you face?


We can learn to use our intuition to make us safer as well as see potential future events which may be good too. Why not open up to the possibilities of how our spirit has this natural ability in all of us?

Principle#10 – Implementing These Principles in Your Life

It’s nice to read about all these concepts, but how can you really apply them to your own life? This is what the chapter on implementation is all about, and it helps you plan a life long change in your health focus to live these principles and truly experience long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity.You and your clients will find this very exciting.


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