Deliver Your Own Longevity Workshops & Make Big Dollars !!

Are you enthusiastic about making people realize that beyond the limitations they face; health, career, relationship, spiritual constrains etc, there lies untapped personal freedom, so vast they can possibly exploit all its rewards?

It is one thing to want to be a somebody and another to know how to make a somebody in you be the somebody. Coaching is a calling and you only wan to become a coach when you hear the call. It is the invaluable satisfaction of impacting peoples lives positively and the great rewards and sense of self actualization it grants that has made coaching a career choice in today’s society.

We therefore welcome you to the doors to your biggest and best career choice.

The Benefits of Packaged Longevity Training Workshops

  • A Great New Revenue Source

  • Helps Clients lose weight and reduce chronic pain and suffering

  • Provides a unique and tested training program on optimizing long term health.

  • It’s Pre Packaged so you don’t have to write new materials or handouts.

  • Provide new training services to all of your clients

  • Integrate your organization’s resources and skills into one wellness program

  • Customize longevity training sessions, Workshops, and Seminars quickly

Martin Ettington-Developer of this Program


Engineer, Writer, Author of 27 Books & Ebooks, and International Longevity Expert

Development of this Longevity Training Program

The Longevity Coaching program was developed over seven years by Martin Ettington and has been well validated in the last three years by clients. The Workshop package is based on many Longevity Seminars Martin has successfully given and contains many materials used in those events.

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What types of people will sign up for Longevity Workshop events?

  • Baby Boomers who are aging and looking for ways to improve their health and longevity

  • Spa & Resort Clients looking for more ways to improve their wellness and happiness

  • Resort Business Clients wanting to add something really new and innovative to their Events

  • Persons wanting to improve not only their exterior beauty but their inner youthful beauty & health too. 

  • Persons who might want to become Longevity Coaches and more…..

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& Author of 27 books including:

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What you will get with your Packaged Workshop License:

  • One License for Longevity Coaching & all the Training Content from 12 online Courses

  • A full Weekend PowerPoint Presentation-Over 163 Slides

  • Workbook & Handouts for Students

  • Detailed Training Agendas

  • Much more to help you plan and deliver your event successfully

  • Training License includes One Day of onsite training with Staff (Per availability & Travel is separate)

Longevity Coaching and Workshop Prices

Calculations on Workshop Profits:

  • Charge $500 per person for 20 students in a one weekend Longevity Workshop.

  • This is $10,000 in gross income with a profit after one workshop.

  • Hold 5 Workshops per year for two years and make $100,000

  • Get your client price up to $1,000 for the weekend and that’s $200,000 in Gross Income over two years

Our Program is based on:


The Personal Longevity Program trains individuals and professionals in our philosophy of the 10 Principles to learn how to integrate Spirit, Mind, and Body in a step by step approach.

Martin Ettington

Sample Agenda for a Longevity Weekend

Saturday Morning:


Morning Registration Continued


Longevity Evidence Presentation and what it means to you


Do Individual Personal Assessments


Intro Yoga–Standing Flow



11 AM -12PM

Your Purpose in Life –Lecture & Class Activities



Saturday Afternoon:


Intro to Meditation


Enabling the Life Urge


Yin Yoga


Your Spiritual Health-Lecture and Videos


Meditation Practice & Relaxation Techniques




Having Love in Your Heart-Lecture and Videos

Saturday Evening:

     7PM to 10PM              Dinner and Group Activity

Sunday Morning:


Energy Body Health-Lecture and Exercise Videos


Kundalini Yoga




Tai Chi & Qi Gong Exercise


The Science of Longevity-Lecture



Sunday Afternoon:


Physical Body Health


Longevity Supplements and Nutrition




Using Your Intuition for Safety


Intuition Visualization


Basic Reiki Exercises




Individual Implementation Worksheets


WrapUp and Q&A Session, Feedback Sheets


Marty Ettington by Email: or Skype: martin.ettington

The Personal Longevity website is at:


Exercises and Activities

The program also includes many activity sessions where you will learn the basics of many processes which will help your longevity:

  • Yoga Basics

  • Meditation

  • Tai Chi/Qi-Jong

  • Heart Opening

  • Longevity Supplements

  • Energy Practices

  • Intuition for Safety

  • Visualization

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Workshop & Seminar Materials Included:

  • All Longevity Coaching Training Content from 12 online Courses

  • One License to get Certified as a Longevity Coach

  • A full Weekend Powerpoint Presentation-Over 163 Slides

  • Workbook & Handouts for Students

  • And much more to help you plan and deliver your event successfully

  • Training License includes One Day of onsite training with Staff (Based on availability with Travel being extra)

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