Thanks for your interest in representing our products. Would be happy to talk by phone or Skype with you anytime to get to know you better and discuss you representing us. Phone: 310-386-6388 Email: Skype: martin.ettington

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 Introductory Videos

The video below LEFT explains the 10 Principles, which is the foundation of all of our training programs. It is the reason our philosophy of long term health is taking hold with many health and wellness professionals since it integrates well with what they already do. 

The EBook below RIGHT explains what Personal Freedom is all about and is a good short term benefits marketing approach to attracting clients.

Sell our programs for commissions and go multi level too

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Sales Tools

See the links below to a document of sales tools for Affiliates which explains all the sales materials we have and our three main general brochures

Affiliates Sales Tools Document




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Making an Affiliate Commitment


It is required to buy one license of Longevity Coaching to represent us as a Sales Affiliate.



  • You need to deeply understand the value of what we teach to sell to clients. It is possible to get some useful info from our book on the 10 Principles, but until you totally embrace what we do it will be hard to convey the details and enthusiam to potential customers

  • Using the training system is the best way to see how it works and explain it to others

  • Reading all of the sales materials we have developed will help you sell our products and service. Click here to see our sales materials

  • What we sell is out of the box and leading edge–and it takes people who really understand our program and internalize it to be successful. You must be willing to make a serious time and financial commitment to this affiliate program or it will not be worthwhile for either of us.

Please give me a call after reading our materials.

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Marty Ettington

Personal Longevity, Inc.

Los Angeles, California

Cell: (310)-386-6388

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The Personal Longevity Program is a philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity


Engineer, Writer, Author of 30 Books & Ebooks, and International Longevity Expert

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& Author of 30 books including:

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