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Interview #1 on the 10 Principles of Longevity on CRNDigital Radio on 4/1/13:


Interview at Laguna Woods Feb 2011 with Martin Ettington

A testimonial from Doug who is an incredible professional:

A testimonial from Kat who is a life coach and hypnotist:

Petra who is one of our newest Certified Longevity Coaches:

A Testimonial from Shai an experienced and very successful Life Coach

A Testimonial from Carmela who is a very experienced holistic practitioner:

A quote from Cheryl who is a Financial Manager and very beautiful soul:

I did not realize prior to taking Marty’s longevity course just how dependent the length of my life was on my thoughts and beliefs about age. I have only scratched the surface of this important course, and already I can see conditioned thought dissolving as awareness and scientific evidence replaces my upbringing.  I CAN live to be a thousand!  I CAN live to be a thousand in vigorous health and comfort.  I get it!  I believe it!  You know what they say about youth being wasted on the young.  If I could live to be a thousand, then after 200 years, I would be a mere youth.  But the wisdom I would obtain would be far greater than if I reincarnated 3 times. Think of the careers I could try out!  Think of the bucket list of activities I could accomplish!  Think of the enlightened spirit I could  arrive at if I did not have to keep starting at age zero over and over again!!



Our Monthly “Los Angeles Extreme Longevity” Meetup group meets every third Thursday at the Gateway Center in West LA. If you live in this area here are the Meetup and Facebook pages for the group to see what we are doing:



Below are some of our growing Monthly Longevity Meetup Recordings you can view at your leisure:

(All videos are in MP4 format and must be downloaded to your machine to view)

April Meetup Topic: Possible Real Immortals

Video Download

May 16th Topic: Telomeres and Telomere Supplements (Five Video Files)

Video Download #1

Video Download #2

Video Download #3

Video Download #4

Video Download #5

June 13th Meetup: Life Purpose & Nutrition for Longevity

Video Download for Presentation #2

(A 2GB mp4 download)

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