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  • Longevity Coaching Training Program


    Longevity Coaching Training Program

    The Full Online Longevity Coaching Program. Includes the following services:

    • 12 Courses-On the 10 Principles

    • One Course on how to Build and Run your Coaching Practice

    • Access on Desktops, Laptops, Phones, and Tablets

    • Ebook “The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity” PDF

    • 90+ Hours of Multimedia content

    • Additional Online Resources

    • A Video of persons from 120-250 Years

    • Earn a Certificate as a Certified Longevity Coach

    • Personal Support on Longevity Coaching

    • Authorization to share coaching materials with clients one on one

    • Bonus of 50+ Natural Health Ebooks

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  • longevity-training-book1-long-lived-persons-with-cover



    This book is a transcription and reproduction of the training course materials from Course #1 Long Lived Persons from the Longevity Coaching Training Server.

    Except for being printed instead of Audio/Visual, it is the same content presented in that course.

    The first course and this book is designed to give you a full introduction into the in depth exploration of Long Lived People and Myths about even longer lived people.

    My objective is that after you have read this material you will truly understand the reality of long lived people really existing in this world.

    If you are going to learn how to live decades longer than the normal life expectancy, then knowing it is really possible and has been done before is the first great step.