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  • Aliens and Secret Technology-A Theory of the Hidden Truth


    Aliens and Secret Technology-A Theory of the Hidden Truth

    This book is an overview of both the history of aliens and UFOS, as well as a review of hidden aerospace and propulsive technologies.

    Where did these technologies come from? And how have they developed in the intervening years?

    What are some of the Alien races which exist? Do we have a secret space force and are their secret bases on the moon?

    Also, I try to answer some questions of how likely some of these claims are—because some things having to do with UFOs and aliens are much more documented than others.

    There are also details of many alien related and secret programs that most readers may have never heard of. The most interesting ones are summarized here.

  • Longevity Improvements From Science (PDF)


    Longevity Improvements From Science (PDF)

    Did you know that life expectancy has increased at a very steady rate of 3 months per year for the last 150 years?

    This little known fact shows that many different changes in our civilization, medicine, and science have led to much longer lives than our ancestors would have thought possible.

    So what does the future hold? What life extension work is being done now, and when can we see more extended lifespans?

    In this book, the major conventional technologies and approaches to life extension are reviewed.

    There is also lots of interesting information on the changes in human lifespans over time, and records of long lived plants and animals—which we may learn from to lengthen our own lives.

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  • The Psychic Soldier Series-Book 3-Fighting for Right


    The Psychic Soldier Series-Book 3-Fighting for Right

    Welcome to this new series about Tristin Morgan the Psychic Soldier and his exciting adventures growing up in the nineteenth century.

    He learns to fight as a soldier and acquires real psychic abilities to help him in his fights.

    These abilities are real and the Author has written extensively about spiritual and psychic development since he is worldwide authority on these subjects. (See my nonfiction books such as “God Like Powers & Abilities.” to learn more.)

    In this book of the series Tristin participates all the way from the U.S. Civil War, through major world conflicts and builds a space force in the late twentieth century to help protect the Earth from Aliens.

    Due to his learning personal longevity he is still a young man and moves into the future as he learn more about being a good soldier, leader, and spiritually transformed powerful psychic

  • Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal (PDF)


    Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal (PDF)

    “Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal” is an analysis of how the un-measureable can be measured.

    The basis of Science is the ability to test a Hypothesis.

    This can only be done by having instruments which can measure the phenomena in question. If measurements can’t be made then Science can’t be conducted.

    After discussing some of his personal history with Paranormal experiences, the Author proposes some ideas to allow scientific validation of the paranormal which is normally a very subjective experience.

    Concepts of Reality and how Science evolved are discussed

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