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  • A Compendium of Metaphysics Books (PDF)


    A Compendium of Metaphysics Books (PDF)

    Learn about a Wide variety of Spiritual Subjects in One Volume

    This Compendium/Anthology is a compilation of all six of my paranormal/metaphysics books which allows you to read my entire approach to spirituality and related subjects in one volume. (You can click on the links for each book to learn more)

    This compilation combines the following six books together:

    • Enlightenment for Dummies-The subject of Enlightenment can be very confusing. The objective of this book is to introduce the concepts to readers and explain some of the processes to help seekers reach this Spiritual state. Also includes the Author’s experiences with Enlightenment.
    • Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide-An intensive exploration of the history of immortality, records of very long lived persons, a theory on how immortality works, and how we can each increase our life spans to incredible ages. Includes spiritual practices, energy related exercises, and recommended supplements to help you improve your health and the length of your life.
    • Removing Illusions to find true Happiness–What true happiness is. How we live in our illusions for most of our lives. Many examples of these illusions and how to find true happiness by removing our illusions about ourselves and reality.
    • Prophecy: A History and How to Guide—We all have the ability to see the future. Goes through history of prophecy, divination methods, and how each of us can learn to see the future. Includes many personal experiences and the author’s insights into how he can see the future and change it too.
    • Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal-An analysis of the scientific method, flaws in the scientific examination of the paranormal, and how we can use science to study paranormal events. Includes the scale of believability and explanation and diagrams on the limits to science.
    • God Like Powers and Abilities-An encyclopedia of superhuman abilities including teleportation, invisibility, healing, psychokinesis and much more. Covers many strange abilities such as a woman who lived normally but didn’t eat or drink for thirty years, and experiences of becoming invisible too. Also, how to learn these abilities for yourself.
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  • A Modern Man’s Search For Truth


    A Modern Man’s Search For Truth

  • Achieving Happiness (PDF)


    Achieving Happiness (PDF)

    Being truly happy is an achievable state of mind. One only needs to be guided and the rest is up to the individual to put into practice. Being truly happy does not only have positive effects on the body but it also effects the condition of the mind.

    There are many scientific and natural therapy ways to achieve some level of happiness. With practice and conscious perseverance it is possible to achieve almost complete true happiness.

    Read this book to learn more about your own state of happiness.

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  • Breakthrough Experiential Growth (PDF)


    Breakthrough Experiential Growth (PDF)

    Learning About Breakthrough Experiential Growth Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!
    Engage your senses 100% and overcome impossible obstacles with these methods!

    People who struggle in business and life will find these things in common:

    They don’t know about organization.
    They have no idea how to carry things out.
    They are struggling with being convinced.
    They also don’t understand not feeling sorry!
    Many more problems untold…

    Introducing… Breakthrough Experiential Growth
    Engage your senses 100% and overcome impossible obstacles with these methods!

    In this book, you will learn all about:
    Carrying Out
    Be Convinced
    Quit Feeling Sorry
    Ask For Help

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  • Channeling Chi (PDF)


    Channeling Chi (PDF)

    Channeling Chi – Master the Art of Channeling Your Chi to Boost Your Energy, Health and Wellness is a thoroughly researched and knowledge  filled eBook that is guaranteed to shed more light to readers in relation to affecting the art of Chi & meditation towards enhancing internal relaxation and composure.

    The reader shall definitely know the ways of dealing with diverse strains of mental, emotional and psychological stress through effectively
    practicing Chi art of meditation and inner reflection.

    Diverse motivational quotes that are tied to this exceptional topic have been added to give the reader more insight in regards to boosting esteem, energy and wellness.

    You will benefit from learning ways of disciplining the mind to attain a focused, resourceful and sober thinking for utmost mental health.

    Chi is a practical art form that will train you on how to identify and balance all your mind paradigms to discover your real self in a way
    that is not only special but also exceptional. The reader will identify inner talents and capabilities that at first weren’t initially perceptible.

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  • Enlightenment & Immortality (PDF)


    Enlightenment & Immortality (PDF)

    Life is full of pain and suffering, and can often be tough to bear.

    Some of your questions about life might include:

    • Do you ever wonder if life is worth living?
    • Are you retired and missing friends and family who have died before you?
    • Is there a reason to go on living?
    • Are you depressed because the life you had and people you used to know no longer exists or have died?
    • Do you wonder if there was ever an unfulfilled purpose missing in your life?
    • Would you like to live the years you have left in happiness and with purpose?
    • Is there a spiritual or God centered reason that our lives keep getting longer with each generation?
    • What is our purpose beyond career retirement and being grandparents?
    • How many of us as we get older start to wonder more and more about the purpose of our lives?
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  • Enlightenment for Newbies (PDF)


    Enlightenment for Newbies (PDF)

    This book is for anyone who wants to understand what enlightenment is all about… and how to experience enlightenment in their own life.

    My opinion is that anyone interested in enlightenment must be very smart overall. But, enlightenment is Different than Most People Think.

    There is a big misunderstanding by many on what really happens when a person is enlightened.
    Most people think it takes years of commitment and is really a lot of work. Most of us like the idea of being enlightened, living at a high state of spirituality where there’s maximum freedom, happiness and fulfillment with life.
    But… there’s the thought of “That’s nice but I’m pretty busy now and I don’t want to take all that time out of my life”.
    It’s true that enlightenment may may not happen all at once but gradually. It may not be a cosmic consciousness experience. But enlightenment can be experienced by almost anyone — and despite what you may think, it doesn’t take years to experience.

    In fact, all of us are already enlightened.

    I realize this is a bold statement. That’s why, fully understanding the above statement is half the battle. If you’re serious about becoming enlightened, you’ve come to the right page. This is an  overview of the subject of enlightenment. In the next few minutes, I’ll tell you what enlightenment really is and the exact steps you must take to get there.

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  • Esoteric Buddhism By A.P. Sinnett (PDF)


    Esoteric Buddhism By A.P. Sinnett (PDF)

    About the Enlightened Masters and the evolution of Humanity. Written from a Theosophical perspective. Really detailed metaphysical treatment. Written in 1883

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  • Guided Meditation Audios (PDF)


    Guided Meditation Audios (PDF)

    “Introducing… Guided Meditation!”

    With this powerful product, you will not lack a single thing when it comes to understanding the intricate secrets of achieving your goals and supplying that tool to others.

    This Audio Contains these great meditation tracks…..
    Healing Meditation – Audio Meditation For Accelerated Healing
    Higher Power Meditation – Audio Meditation For A Greater Relationship With Your Maker
    Potential Meditation – Audio Meditation For Unleashing Your Hidden Potential
    Quiet The Mind Meditation – Audio Meditation For Ultimate Relaxation
    Serenity Meditation – Audio Meditation For Achieving Peace And Oneness

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