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  • Bible of the Undead (PDF)


    Bible of the Undead (PDF)

    I’m very excited to be able to offer you this very rare book about spiritual development, psychic experiences, foretelling the future, and immortality.

    Here is what the Author says in his own words:

    “I, Donald Conway Barrie, do swear upon my honour that everything in my book is true, not exaggerated, and not in any way a product of my imagination.

    As I’ve stated in my book “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide”, there are many examples of people living over 150 years old, and lots of evidence that persons can live hundreds and even thousands of years. Donald Barrie confirms this belief and provides specific approaches and exercises to achieve immortality.

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  • God Like Powers & Abilities (PDF)


    God Like Powers & Abilities (PDF)

    What are God Like Powers & Abilities?

    These are the abilities of the human spirit which are supposed to be impossible, but which really exist.

    The abilities and powers reviewed in this book include Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Levitation, Invisibility, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Creating your future, Prophecy, Omniscience, and much more.

    Why a book on this subject? I’ve read about these abilities over the years in many different books and articles (as well as my own experiences) and thought that others might want to learn about them in one organized encyclopedia of the subject.

    Why is this book worthwhile?

    This book will help the reader understand what is the basis for these powers before going into a full review of each one. Like most of my books, I take the reader through some background material before I get into the meat of the subject. In this case we start by reviewing the original source of God Like abilities “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, and how these abilities and powers work.

    Then I provide an introduction to meditation and stillness practices, and how they help the seeker to get in touch with their own spirit

    After that we proceed into a discussion of the vital forces or “prana”, the energy body and what that energy is used for.

     What will I learn about these Powers and Abilities?


    In each of the chapters on individual powers and abilities I start by explaining what the ability is and how it has been used in the past.
    Then some historical and/or modern documented experiences of the ability or power is given.
    Finally, I provide exercises and practices to learn these abilities for yourself.

    I’m not going to claim that anyone can learn these abilities and powers right away, but a clear path is provided on how to get there.

    Reference materials to other books and sources which can help you learn more are also provided.
    This includes links in the electronic versions of the book and a detailed bibliography or sources.

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  • The Commentaries of Living Immortals (PDF)


    The Commentaries of Living Immortals (PDF)

    What are the Commentaries of Living Immortals?

    This all started a few years ago when I wrote my bookPhysical Immortality: A History and How to Guide based on my research into very long lived persons and my theories on how one can extend their longevity to 150 years or more.

    Part of my marketing effort was to setup different webpages where I had articles about my book with links to my website for sales. One of these sites also included a discussion bulletin board where anyone could post comments.

    For over a year there were typical comments both pro and con about my book.

    Then the comments started to change, and a variety of persons started posting who said that they were living immortals and made statements to me about their knowledge and what immortality is really all about.

    Stealth says he is over 2800 years old and this is a little bit of what he wrote:

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  • The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater (PDF)


    The Chakras by C.W. Leadbeater (PDF)

    This classic book on the energy centers of the body is very useful for understanding how the energy centers work (PDF format)

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  • The God Like Powers Series: Volume1 Bundle (PDF)


    The God Like Powers Series: Volume1 Bundle (PDF)

    The God Like Powers Series: Volume1 Bundle By Martin K. Ettington

    Get all of the first five books of this series on spiritual powers and abilities.
    These books include:

    • Human Invisibility
    • Invulnerability and Shielding
    • Teleportation
    • Psychokinesis
    • Our Energy Body, Auras, and Thoughtforms
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  • The God Like Powers Series: Human Invisibility (PDF)


    The God Like Powers Series: Human Invisibility (PDF)

    Is Human Invisibility for real? This is one of those powers that has
    been reported throughout history but seems so fantastic that it sounds
    This book provides a history of human invisiblity, many stories about
    it occurring to different persons, current scientific research, and
    exercises to teach you how to become invisible yourself

    One historical story of invisibility as related in the Odyssey:

    As Odysseus passed through the city, ‘not one of the Phaeacians
    could see him . . . for the great goddess Athene in her good will toward
    him had hidden him in a thick cloud of darkness.’ Odysseus went straight through the court, ‘still hidden by the cloak of darkness in which Athene had enveloped him, until he reached Arete and King Alcinous. Then did he lay his hands upon the knees of the queen, and at that moment that miraculous darkness fell away from him and he became visible.

    Here are some of the Chapters:

    The History of Human Invisibility
    Historical Invisibility Stories & Writings
    Invisibility in Science Fiction/Fantasy
    Some Invisibility Pictures
    Recent Invisibility Stories
    Science and Invisibility
    Ninjitsu Techniques
    The Psychology of Invisibility
    Hypnotic Trances
    Spiritual Invisibility
    Exercises to become Invisible
    Miscellaneous Invisibility Items

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  • Concentration By Ernest Wood (PDF)


    Concentration By Ernest Wood (PDF)

    Many methods for improving concentration including metaphysical ones. Discusses meditation, mantras, obstacles, aids, the magic box. Written in 1926

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  • The Metaphysical Rare Books Package (PDF)


    The Metaphysical Rare Books Package (PDF)

    This is a group of rare books which have been scanned into PDF files. All of them are long out of print and some are over one hundred years old.

    For example, when I was researching–“The Bible of the Undead”, I found two copies in the entire country and only one was available from a lending library.

    Get all seven books on this page for one heavily discounted price of $39.95. Includes these rare and hard to find books:

    * The Bible of the Undead By Donald C. Barrie (List Price $24.95 USD)

    * The Occult Sciences By Arthur Edward Waite (List Price $4.99 USD)

    * Occult Chemistry By Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater (List Price $4.99 USD)

    * Concentration By Ernest Wood (List Price $4.99 USD)

    * The Kybalion By Three Initiates (List Price $4.99 USD)

    * Nature’s Finer Forces by Rama Prasad (List Price $4.99 USD)

    * Esoteric Buddhism By A.P. Sinnett  (List Price $4.99 USD)

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  • A Compendium of Metaphysics Books (PDF)


    A Compendium of Metaphysics Books (PDF)

    Learn about a Wide variety of Spiritual Subjects in One Volume

    This Compendium/Anthology is a compilation of all six of my paranormal/metaphysics books which allows you to read my entire approach to spirituality and related subjects in one volume. (You can click on the links for each book to learn more)

    This compilation combines the following six books together:

    • Enlightenment for Dummies-The subject of Enlightenment can be very confusing. The objective of this book is to introduce the concepts to readers and explain some of the processes to help seekers reach this Spiritual state. Also includes the Author’s experiences with Enlightenment.
    • Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide-An intensive exploration of the history of immortality, records of very long lived persons, a theory on how immortality works, and how we can each increase our life spans to incredible ages. Includes spiritual practices, energy related exercises, and recommended supplements to help you improve your health and the length of your life.
    • Removing Illusions to find true Happiness–What true happiness is. How we live in our illusions for most of our lives. Many examples of these illusions and how to find true happiness by removing our illusions about ourselves and reality.
    • Prophecy: A History and How to Guide—We all have the ability to see the future. Goes through history of prophecy, divination methods, and how each of us can learn to see the future. Includes many personal experiences and the author’s insights into how he can see the future and change it too.
    • Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal-An analysis of the scientific method, flaws in the scientific examination of the paranormal, and how we can use science to study paranormal events. Includes the scale of believability and explanation and diagrams on the limits to science.
    • God Like Powers and Abilities-An encyclopedia of superhuman abilities including teleportation, invisibility, healing, psychokinesis and much more. Covers many strange abilities such as a woman who lived normally but didn’t eat or drink for thirty years, and experiences of becoming invisible too. Also, how to learn these abilities for yourself.
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  • Self Publishing For Practitioners (PDF)


    Self Publishing For Practitioners (PDF)

    Have you ever wanted to write your own EBook?

    Do you wonder how you would publish and market it?

    How can EBooks really help your Career?

    Can you make real money at it?

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  • Personal Freedom Part 1 & 2 (PDF)


    Personal Freedom Part 1 & 2 (PDF)


    In Part One we learn the story of a young man who lost hope—then found it again.

    He learned how to change his life and found a new mission and goals which excited him.

    This led him to a career in space manufacturing which evolved into a project building Habitats in Space.

    There have been a lot of discussions about Space Habitats, but how would you actually build one and what technical and personal issues would arise in the process?

    Read about a personal rise from ashes, hope, and the potential for creating a new wonderful world to live in which is literally out of this world.

    Part Two is about converting the Habitats to an interstellar spaceship to settle a new planet.

    It is a long journey with major dangers along the way. A generational ship with long lived residents.

    And what new abilities would people develop on a long journey to the stars?

    Follow this adventure to learn the realistic challenges of an Interstellar Journey

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  • Yoga-An Ancient Art Form (EPUB)


    Yoga-An Ancient Art Form (EPUB)

    Yoga-An Ancient Art Form

    The word yoga takes us back to the ancient times and brings to mind a plethora of images of extraordinary postures that seem impossible to attempt, let alone master. Yoga is much more than mastering the various postures or increasing your flexibility. It is an ancient practice that involves various physical stances as well as several mental and breathing exercises that cleanse our mind, body and soul.

    Initially Yoga focused on helping the community. Slowly it changed its focus to self-enlightenment as its ultimate goal. “The traditional purpose of Yoga, however, has always been to bring about a profound transformation in the person through the transcendence of the ego,” (Feuerstein 3).

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