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  • Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide (PDF)


    Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide (PDF)

    I had an experience at age four where I met a man at a glider field and for some reason I said to him “Are you the man who never dies?”. He didn’t laugh at me but gave me a very strange look. I’ve since learned that an immortal 500-1000 years old supposedly lives in that area.

    When I started reading books about highly developed adepts many years ago, the books also mentioned spiritually advanced immortals who lived many lifetimes.

    This was a fascinating idea to me and fueled my interest in the subject since then.

    Over many years I’ve read books and websites on immortality, learned many spiritual and energy practices,  and I finally came to a theory of immortality which has been validated by much of what I’ve learned.

    This book goes into the history of Immortality, shows many examples of very long lived persons, then presents the theory and practices of how one can extend their life indefinitely.

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  • Enlightenment & Immortality (PDF)


    Enlightenment & Immortality (PDF)

    Life is full of pain and suffering, and can often be tough to bear.

    Some of your questions about life might include:

    • Do you ever wonder if life is worth living?
    • Are you retired and missing friends and family who have died before you?
    • Is there a reason to go on living?
    • Are you depressed because the life you had and people you used to know no longer exists or have died?
    • Do you wonder if there was ever an unfulfilled purpose missing in your life?
    • Would you like to live the years you have left in happiness and with purpose?
    • Is there a spiritual or God centered reason that our lives keep getting longer with each generation?
    • What is our purpose beyond career retirement and being grandparents?
    • How many of us as we get older start to wonder more and more about the purpose of our lives?
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  • Telomeres and Longevity (PDF)


    Telomeres and Longevity (PDF)

    What are Telomeres?

    What is the latest research about Telomeres?

    Can changing your Telomeres really affect your aging?

    In what ways can we lengthen our Telomeres?

    In this book we cover all about how telomeres are related to aging, current research, ways to lengthen your telomeres, supplements, reviews, and more.

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  • 32 Longevity Recipes & Diets and Lifestyles of the World’s Oldest Peoples (PDF)


    32 Longevity Recipes & Diets and Lifestyles of the World’s Oldest Peoples (PDF)

    32 Longevity Recipes are actually the second section of this book. The first section is a study of the lifestyles and diets of the four longest lived communities in the world. All of these locations have a higher proportion of centenarians and super centenarians per hundred thousand of population as well as many persons who live to their 130s-140s and even older. Diet recommendations for weightloss are also provided –

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