Individual Longevity Coaching

We can help you with these issues through longevity coaching:

Long term Stress reduction techniques

Lose Weight thru Diets of Long Lived Communities around the world

Helping you Reduce Chronic pain

Develop your Life Purpose and Goals

If you feel Life has no meaning–we can help you see another way through “Personal Freedom”

Teach you a long term healthy and happy Lifestyle

How to use your Intuition for Safety

Modify your Subconscious beliefs to improve your life




What we do during Coaching Sessions:

Work with you on Mindfulness and related visualization practices
Work with you to build a profile of your overall health and wellness covering spirit, mind, and body.
Teach you about a lifestyle which will help you live longer and happier.
Learn short term benefits from our training including “Personal Freedom”
Teach you the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity which cover your non physical and physical health.
Teach you how to implement this new lifestyle into your life
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Individual Coaching By the Creator of Longevity Coaching


If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself. My name is Marty Ettington. I’ve spent my life learning about Spiritual Growth, Longevity, Long Term Health, and reading and learning about natural health practices.

Wanted to know not only if we could live a very long time–but why; and how can we take control of our long term health. I’ve found many of the answers-which I want to share with you.

Have written over 30 Books/EBooks on Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Longevity related topics.

I designed the Personal Longevity Training Program from my life experiences and learning; and have validated the concepts and training over the last five years.

Now I want to help you with aging related issues and your personal freedom

Author of Books on Longevity, Spirituality, and Health

As Seen on: crnlogo  conscious-lifelaguna-woods & Author of 30 books including:

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