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It’s all about integrating Spirit, Mind, and Body

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Martin Ettington-Engineer, Creator of Longevity Coaching, Longevity Membership Site, and Longevity Workshops, & Author of 30 Books/Ebooks, Speaker to groups, radio, and TV on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

JoanneTarah graduated college of BS Industrial Engineering & took her graduate studies in Bachelor of Laws but her passion clings towards her LOVE of DANCING. It was 2008 when she embraced her ‘cosmic calling’ in the field of Health Wellness & focuses on Natural Ways to Longevity. She studied different Energy Work Healing Modalities & became a Practitioner until she formulated & created her Dance-Movement Therapy called Zi’DANCE (self-healing moves) & continue teaching Dance/Fitness classes. Her founded principle that she shared to all is that – “You are the ultimate healer of your own self, You are the ultimate doctor of your health.”


‘This is your chance to make your BIG step to a NEW horizon of your LIFE & see what’s beyond great things & infinite possibilities that awaits for You’!

Learn about living longer and healthier

Learn the principles which govern longevity

Movement you can learn for your Health


Webinar #1–Principles 1-5

Webinar #2 Principles 6-10

What are the principles of Longevity?

How is Movement Important to Longevity?

What other things are important to your long term health and happiness?

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‘YOU are the master of your fate & the captain of your soul .., everyday is a chance for YOU to be BETTER, feel GREATER & HEALTHIER & YOU have the power to choose – TAKE ACTION! This is your CHANCE! JOIN US!

This will be a four hour Seminar where you get a brief introduction to the Longevity Lifestyle plus more including:

  • Lectures and Presentations on how to improve your long term health

  • Lots of “Gold Nuggets” and tips to follow

  • Exercises to help your movement and improve your longevity

  • Handouts to take home with you

  • Plus lots more….

4 Hour Longevity Workshop on Saturday December 16th



What you will Learn:

‘This seminar will OPEN a lot of rooms inside you & your inner self to bring SELF- AWARENESS & AWAKENS your deeper consciousness of what LIFE has in store for YOU’. Discover more that is beyond what you can see, reach & feel. Learn, re-learn, develop, improve & evolve! bcoz Life keeps going, keeps moving… BE in tune!

You will also learn about the Longevity Lifestyle and how you can learn to live a longer and healthier life–possibly by decades !


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