Single Payment Offerings

We also have special bundles for different groups–Email me at: for more info

Workshop Training License

Provides all Workshop Planning and Training Materials
  • Permanent License to make presentations to your group
  • Workshop & Seminar Planning Materials
  • Trainer Presentations, and other documents 
  • Student Handouts and related exercise docs
  • Other docs to make your event easy to organize and deliver
  • One Day of  Staff Training (Online or in person subject to availability-customer pays travel costs)

In Depth Longevity Training

Online Personal Training Program
  • In Depth Longevity Training for personal usage
  • About 25% of Longevity Coaching Program training
  • Includes lots of videos and Ebooks
  • No tests or Certificates involved
  • Can be used on Laptops, Desktops, Phones, and Tablets

Business Services

Business Consulting and Website Design
  • Brand Development Marketing Planning
  • 90 Day Jumpstart Program
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Website Recommendations
  • Standard Website & Hosting
  • A Total of 15 Hours of consulting/web design time