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Martin Ettington-Engineer, Creator of Longevity Coaching, Longevity Membership Site, and Longevity Workshops, & Author of 30 Books/Ebooks, Speaker to groups, radio, and TV on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

Tat-Jane Certified Tao Song & Tao Movement Practitioner –She is a New Yorker. Graphic Designer, Singer Songwriter, with a deep passion to igniting a positive turn in peoples’ lives. She has learned many secrets for Rejuvenation and Longevity, Ancient and new wisdom and practical techniques, through a Great Tao Master, She is honored to share them with the World.


Learn to live longer and healthier
Learn the Secrets of Long Lived People
Learn to use Vital Forces to Heal Yourself
Break Psychological Barriers for more Personal Freedom
The Importance of Life Purpose and Goals
Reduce Pain & Suffering from Chronic Illnesses

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The full Webinar from 3/21/17

A Testimonial about the Webinar

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Martin’s Longevity Training each week:

Week #1: Real Long Lived People Exist

Learn about Long Lived people past and present. That these people really do exist and what it says about each of our potentials

Week #2: Define Your Purpose in Life

Life purpose is something that changes throughout your life. It is also a critical motivator as we get older. How to develop your current life purpose and goals.

Enable Your Life Urge

We also need to change our subconscious psychology on life and death. Change our assumptions about stages in our life and our limiting beliefs about the length of our lives.

Week #3: The Importance of a Spiritual Connection

How our Spiritual connection affects our long term health and happiness. This is not belief or religion, but a factor in how we view the world.

Having Love In Your Heart

Unconditional Love is more than a belief. It is about opening our Heart Center to change the way we view our connections to others and the world.

Week #4: Activate Your Vital Forces

Vitals forces are the prana or energies of life which affect our health and vitality. How can you manipulate these in your body?

The Science of Longevity

Science is studying longevity and there are many foods, supplements, and techniques you can learn to help your long term health. 

Week #5: Keep Your Physical Body Healthy

Longevity Supplements, exercises, and other things you can do to improve your longevity.

The Diets & Lifestyles of Long Lived People

A study of four long lived cultures around the world and how these peoples diets and lifestyles affect their long term health and happiness.

Week #6: Use Your Intuition for Safety

Your intuition can be developed and used to protect you from harm. This is part of our spiritual connection and helps you avoid accidents.

How to Implement these Principles in Your Life

The process you can use to focus on the areas in your life to work on for better happiness, health, and longevity.

What Tat will teach each week:

Week #1: Foundational Energy Centers Key to Long Life

Foundational Energy centers are Core of our being and source of our Energy, Stamina, Vitality and Immunity. They are the engine and source for our all life and long life. Located in Lower abdomen, I will introduce them, as well as the practices and sounds used to develop them to their full potential.

Week #2:  Heart Chakra; Energy Circles & Meridians

Heart chakra, key functions & practical techniques to open fully: Vertical & Horizontal Energy Circles, Central Meridian, they promote energy flow – initiating Life force, optimizing health and are path to long life. Practical techniques for developing these vital forces are presented. 

Week #3: Four Major Universal Forces

Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Compassion, Greatest Light; Practical Techniques to Develop and embody these forces within.

Week #4:  Oneness Condition

Oneness Condition, equals, Normal to Reverse Creation. When our Soul, Heart, Mind & Body is in alignment and it’s ONE, we are within Tao field; we are in the Reverse Creation mode; Our cells, cell units, DNA, RNA are recreating, we are becoming younger. I will introduce Ancient & New techniques to attain and maintain, Oneness field and the process of Reverse Creation.

Week #5: Tai Chi Movements

Introducing 7 Steps Tai Ji Movement and practice with the particular sound and visualization technique, for healing, rejuvenation and longevity of whole body. 

Week #6: Purification Process

Purification process is the only way to truly transform and move to the next level of your Soul Heart Mind & Body acceleration process. Practical technique to initiate and support this process are introduced

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