After publishing my my first couple of books on Immortality and Prophecy, I started to receive a lot of requests asking more about spiritual powers. This led me to write “God Like Powers and Abilities” in 2010 which is an encylopedia of spiritual powers, their history, how they may work, and how to use them.

My concepts are based on spiritual powers which are obtainable based on the ancient text “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”.

I continued to get more interest in spiritual powers. Although I had seen individual books on many psychic or spiritual powers I hadn’t seen a consistent treatment of each of them. This led me to start The God Like Powers series of books. Each one is dedicated to providing the history, personal experience, relevant research, and exercises on how to learn and use these powers safely.

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Many more books in this series are to follow.

Hope you enjoy them!

Marty Ettington