“Once a man was about to cross the sea. A wise man tied a leaf in a corner of his robe and said to him: “Dont be afraid. Have faith and walk on the water. But look here- the moment you lose faith you will drown.” -Sri Ramakrishna

What could be better than creating a bond with your own truth? Your own love for yourself.. For others? In unity?

By opening your heart and mind to the process of faith, you are awakening to a higher state of consciousness in the purity that lies in the spiritual realm of life. There are numerous products recommended to guide you to new moments of such great heights.

Below is a package that New Age Discounts is offering for a limited time at a 20% discounts from our regular low prices. The normal price for the individual CDs and ebooks would be $85. We are offering this exciting package for 20% off or $67.94 through the end of April 2012.

The package consists of the following items:

* Spiritual journeys of india (CD)
* Revelations (CD)
* Spiritual Journeys of the World – Egypt (CD)
* TIBET – Spiritual Journeys of the World (CD)

* Enlightenment for Dummies
* Spiritual Healing for the Soul
* Striking the Balance Between Your Physicality & Spirituality
* The Essentials of Spirituality
* The Way to God and How to Find it

The package name is “March 2012 Spiritual Bundle” and can be found under Specials on our product menu and at this link:

March 2012 Spiritual Special

Breath Deeply and think of one specific special moment of truth in your life that has guided you through the years. Feel free to share your comment!

To truth, love and unity,