Positive thoughts are everything.  We all have the option of choosing our thoughts, whether they are negative or positive.  Why not choose the positive?!  If you begin to have a thought or feeling of doubt, insecurity, or any fear at all whatsoever, stop and breathe.  Think about why you are allowing yourself to take in those negative feelings.  Believe you are unstoppable and push through those negative thoughts and change them into the good, feel good thoughts and feelings.  Afterall, you are the only one in charge of that!  Here are some examples of patterns we have most likely encountered in some way, shape or form.  Maybe its been from you or perhaps someone you know.  Check them out!

“Should’ve, Would’ve, Could’ve”: We have all heard these. If you know what you have to do, don’t take the passenger seat on the next ride.  You have the answers.  Now go full speed ahead!

“Emotional Based Thinker”:  I feel this way, therefore I must be this way.  Don’t let your emotions take charge of you.  You are the boss!

“The Self Blamer”:  Do not be a victim! Take responsibility for the positive things you are putting forward.  You just may begin to notice you’re everything and more than you thought you could ever be!

“The –everybody else did it- Blamer”: Your way is not always going to be the best way.

Be aware of your thoughts. Recognize them and take charge!  Experiment.  Change accordingly and live a more positive life!  Guaranteed for more positive and fulfilled days ahead!

To our positive thoughts,

Affirmation of the Blog: “My beliefs about myself shape my every action, thought, and feeling.”