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One spirit A Creation Story for the 21st Century

By Jean Latz Griffin, Illustrated by Jane Gaunt

“One Sprit: A Creation Story for the 21st Century,” is a grown-up picture book of Creation that celebrates our diversity, embraces evolution, and looks forward to an eternal, joyful afterlife of the spirit in unity with the One Spirit.

Families who value diversity and whose concepts of God are somewhat non-traditional and pluralistic will find “One Spirit” an ideal and gentle way to introduce children to the ideas of creation, life, death and eternity.

“One Spirit” contains nearly two dozen full-color, vibrant artistic imaginings of life that are rich in spirit and invite wonder, meditation and joy.

“In the Same Breath” holds jewel of selected readings, stunning images

 ”…The book only contains a couple of hundred words, but those words and the pictures accompanying them speak volumes … It is a book to share with children – of all ages – who are dissatisfied with conventional answers, as they start to become interested in questions of God, life and death. “…The artist, Jane Gaunt, has captured something very special.”

 Richard G. Petty, author of “Healing, Meaning and Purpose”
 “…I have the book and the illustrations are great, and the message is universal, join the universe and live! Thanks ladies! I will get the video now.”

In the Same Breath

By Jean Latz Griffin, Illustrated by Christine Tobias

Illustrated by Christine Tobias Writers across times and spiritualities explore the mystery of the unity between Spirit and Creation – from the ancient Tao Te Ching to the music and pop culture of the 21st Century.

For nearly 3,000 years, men and women from all cultures have experienced “aha” moments when they felt in their bones that Spirit and Creation were One.

“In the Same Breath” traces this mystery chronologically through 52 weekly writings by women and men in all the world’s spiritual and secular traditions, including Vedic scriptures, Buddhist writings and Islamic, Jewish and Christian mystical texts, as well as selections from modern fiction and the new synthesis of physics and spirituality.

A dozen striking images, each linked to a different epoch, encourage meditation and deep reflection.

“In the Same Breath” holds jewel of selected readings, stunning images

”…The jewel of Griffin’s efforts here is in the selections of spirituality that she presents. Some selections are so beautiful that we are reduced to tears…”

“ Dennis Litrell, ranked #25 in among top Amazon reviewers


”…Jean rightly described the book as a hybrid, in part a set of extremely well-chosen weekly readings, part an examination of a thread of spirituality that began 2600 years ago and seems now to be coming full circle, and a third part which is a group of stunning images by Christine Tobias that capture and reflect that spiritual thread. Both the readings and the images can be valuable seeds for contemplation and meditation.”

“ Richard G. Petty, author of  ”Healing, Meaning and Purposeâ