One thing I talk about a lot in my 10 Principles of Personal Longevity is the importance of a Spiritual Connection in our lives.

It has been demonstrated in many forms and ways why this important….

I remember an old mentor of mine in college who was a blind psychic and physicist.

He told me how he was born with cancer in his eyes and they had to be removed at birth,

then his family’s church prayed for him and the cancer stopped. He lived to grow up into a happy and successful adult.

On a personal level, I’ve learned that going into a deep spiritual meditation can dramatically affect our health and do immediate healing.

When I was in college I took a summer trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I practiced surfing one afternoon and got 10 stitches and two sutures in my chin for my troubles.

My jaw was cracked from the surfboard hitting me broadside, and I couldn’t even open my jaw to eat dinner.

So I sat in my car and went into a deep meditative trance for about two hours to ask the spirit to bring healing to my jaw.

When I came out of it my jaw was healed with no pain. I was amazed but very happy too and accepted it as another weird but happy event in my life.

The lesson from this experience is that we can will ourselves to heal injuries and have great health–if we are totally focused on connecting to our higher selves.

Our Spiritual Connection and having an an open heart filled with love are two of the principles we review and have exercises for in my personal longevity and longevity coaching training.