• Body clocks linked to osteoarthritis
    Scheduled exercise, regular meals and the periodic warming and cooling of joints could be used to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis according to scientists. Their research may also help explain why older people are more prone to developing this common joint disorder.
  • Very high prevalence of chronic health conditions among adult survivors of childhood cancer
    In an analysis that included more than 1,700 adult survivors of childhood cancer, researchers found a very high percentage of survivors with 1 or more chronic health conditions, with an estimated cumulative prevalence of any chronic health condition of 95 percent at age 45 years, according to a new study.
  • Voiding disorder therapy improved sexual dysfunction
    A prospective study of 23 women aged 21 to 71 showed pelvic neuromodulation for bladder disorders also increased five of six sexual function scores in a validated questionnaire administered pre- and post-treatment.