I love to read stories of very long lived persons since they boggle the mind of what might be possible for longevity and physical immortality.

Here is a review of the book “Wonders of Mebegon Village” about some ancient “wizzers” who are reportedly still alive at 847 and 560 years old respectively:


The narrative of this book begins in the Minbu area of central Burma in 1952. Spiritual guides, long since passed from the present life, arrived tospeak and teach mindfulness through the medium of living people.These particularwizzars,“accomplished masters,” were location specific, coming from Nagama Mountain, a place accessible only to the adept, west of Minbu.


A key focus of this “dhatsii-ing,” channelling, was HtunYin, described as a simple, penniless man. Hoping to get a cure for astomach ailment, he had met a monk and a person in white robes,wizzarsas it turned out, who offered him a cure if he would agree to helppropagate the teachings of Buddha by letting them use him as a medium. Some “fragrant and tasty” medicine restored him to health.


Several days later at his home village of Mebegon, a few kilometres north of Minbu,he delivered his first talk, in which the wizzarexplained to the assembledvillagers “Htun Yin is like a radio and I am like a broadcasting station.”


At subsequent gatherings rosary beads floated in the air, fruit and statues appeared from nowhere. The wizzarsat times appeared in person under circumstances that mystified all present.


Htun Yin reportedly went for several years eating nothing but “fruit and an occasional cup of coffee” provided


by the wizzars. In 1973 he left his family and was ordained a monk with the religious name U Tillaw Keinda.


His devotees built him a monastery. In 1975, and again in1989, complex “transformation by fire” ceremonies were held in “man-made caves of victory” at the Mebegon monastery to further prolong thelives of two of the visiting wizzars , U Pandita, a monk born in AD 1256, who had already prolonged his life by alchemy, and U Uttamakyaw, born in AD 1453, who had prolonged his life by a knowledge of magical diagrams.


The monastery continues to draw devotees and pilgrims.


This book is hard to find otherwise I’d post a link to it.


My first principle of personal longevity is that long lived persons do exist and we need to open our minds to the possibilities.


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