It’s very important to focus on our vital forces or “Chi” energy as part of the entire process to improve our long term health.

That is why “Activating your Vital Forces” is principle six of the 10 principles of personal longevity.

Saturday, May 01, 2010 by: Richard Stossel
(NaturalNews) In this world of ever increasing lies and half truths in the fields of health and medicine, more and more people are coming to see that the true answers to these issues lie not in some new drug, surgical technique or technology but in natural cures, nutrition and exercise. But there is yet one other vital missing piece to the “health puzzle” that most are still only tentatively aware of. That missing ingredient is the true knowledge and understanding of your own “Chi” or life force.

Every human being receives a portion of this life force or “Primordial mind of the Tao (Universe)” or “Breath of Life” through the fusion of sperm and ovum at conception. This energy is stored in the sexual glands of the male and female and in the adrenal glands of both genders, and it is perpetually transmitted from one generation to the next through sexual reproduction. This life force or chi is the original light of awareness imparted to every human being and is immaterial, immortal, and luminous. It connects us to everything else through this known universal energy field of chi. Disciplined and patient cultivation of this energy begins by working with the breath that truly opens the door to learning to cultivate this great internal source of energy for your own benefit and that of others too.

In their quest for the “elixir of immortality” over the millennia, the Chinese discovered the great value and benefits of chi and uncovered many methods to cultivate, increase and utilize this bio-energy. In this search they explored everything including minerals, heavy metals, toxic herbs and more. Much of the most effective research was undertaken by a group known as the Taoists monks.

Taoism is one of the three major religions of China along with Confucianism and Buddhism. Of the three, the Taoists were the most practical, realistic and scientific in their approach and study of chi. The Taoists searched for anything and everything that they could find to help them live as long a life as possible. They did this because the longer they lived, the more time they had to cultivate their spiritual training, attain enlightenment and hopefully, eternal life.

In 221BC the aggressive Chin Empire swept down from the northeast and united the warring states of China into a single unified empire for the first time in Chinese history. It’s from the “Chin Empire” that the name “China” is derived. The Chin emperor was deeply interested in alchemy as a means to attain longevity and kept many alchemists in his court. He followed the misguided external school of alchemy which, like their medieval counterparts, was attempting to create a “golden pill” of immortality derived from minerals, heavy metals and toxic herbs. This is the same approach that the west uses today in their chemical approach to disease and healing. This method is just as flawed today as it was back then. Numerous princes and doctors alike perished a sometimes horrible death after ingesting these toxic mineral concoctions. It was after many hundreds of deaths from these experiments that the Chinese discovered that the real “Elixir of Immortality” was not in any external concoction or formula, but it already existed within the body in the form of one`s own life force or chi.

We’ll explore this life force in greater detail in the next article.

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