TelomeresHello dear blog readers!

Have been using the Telomere Supplement Product B from Isagenix for a couple of months now, and here is my experience so far:

For the last 20 years at least–every time I got a chest cold it would only get worse and worse until I had to go to the doctor to get anti-biotics

In the time I’ve been taking product B I had two chest colds. The first one I took lots of vitamin C which may have helped–and it went away in under a week with no trip to the doctor.

The second one was also a chest cold. I didn’t even take vitamin C and it went away in a few days.

I know this is only anecdotal evidence, but I’m convinced that Product B has improved my immune system  dramatically.

Will keep you updated as I have more to report.

Was so impressed I also started the full Isagenix nutritional weight loss program in the last couple of weeks to work on my extra weight that I didn’t lose from another diet system. (I’m 35 pounds down from a year ago but a lot more to go). Will have more reports on my progress soon.

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