dual-paradigmI’ve been working to teach everyone a new paradigm about human longevity for the last year and am running into two types of beliefs:

1) Persons with traditional scientific and medical training who think that our health is totally dependent on how we treat our bodies–with food, supplements, exercise, etc.┬áThis is part of the answer–but not the whole answer.

2) People who believe that by centering ourselves in our spirit we can just bring the divine blueprint of our spirit down into our bodies and this creates automatic perfection of our health. While I think there may be a few sufficiently evolved beings out of millions who can do this–it isn’t practical for the huge mass of humanity.

Then there is the problem that the medical/scientific community doesn’t respect holistic and spiritual practices as being of much value, and the same spiritual and holistic practitioners think the medical/science community is way too limited in their thinking.

A good example of this dicotemy is Acupuncture. Clients love acupuncture and studies have proven that it works so well than insurance companies will now cover acupuncture treatments–even though 20 years ago acupuncture was considered a “fringe” treatment in the past.

However, acupuncture is based on the Chinese study of the flow of “chi” or vital forces in our energy meridians–and there is no way to measure these energy meridians with current scientific instruments. So does “chi” exist or not? It all seems to depend on your point of view.

What is needed is an integrated philosophical belief about long term health and longevity which combines both sets of approaches together.

Spiritual and Holistic practices have value from practical experience over hundreds and thousands of years; while scientific and medical practices can have their results measured through repeatable tests.

Both approaches have something to offer for our long term health.

Why the resistance then of the two camps? It’s because it’s outside of the comfort zone and understanding of each camp–therefore there is natural resistance to the unknown.

I formulated my 10 principles of personal longevity based on my experience with spiritual and holistic approaches to health, and my knowledge of the value of scientific and medical research into health.

Whichever camp you are in–do yourself and favor and try to open your mind to the points of view of the other ways of looking at the world of long term health practices.

Thanks for reading!

Marty Ettington