• Women suffer most from urinary tract infections, men more likely to be hospitalized
    While women are far more likely to suffer urinary tract infections, men are more prone to be hospitalized for treatment. The first-of-its-kind research for the most common bacterial infection in the US is important in providing predictors of hospital admission at a time when the health care industry is searching for ways to reduce costs.
  • A potential new strategy to address dementia
    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects millions of people worldwide. As a result of an increase in life expectancy, the number of patients with dementia is expected to increase dramatically. Due to the lack of effective treatments that can slow down or reverse the progression of AD, preventive measures to lower the prevalence rate of AD by means of managing potential or actual risk factors is a reasonable clinical strategy. In this respect, identifying treatable factors which are able to promote cognitive deterioration would have important practical implications.