heart_chakraI’ve written some other articles on how the opening of my heart chakra has been a big boost to my happiness and health.

Recently I’ve been having more spontaneous open heart experiences and I just wanted to share:

I can be sitting somewhere working or watching a movie and I feel this heat in my chest and energy pouring in….

It feels very comfortable and I also start to feel more “linked” to everything around me.

I feel infused with health and energy and its like I’m emitting a glow to everyone around me.

It also makes me feel like I’m in tip top health….Like there is a battery charger connected to my heart.

The warmth also makes me feel more alive and vital in every way.

This is a state that everyone can learn to experience. Yes-it is a spiritual experience, but

it also tied to the health of our bodies.

This is why I included this heart opening as one of the 10 principles of personal longevity.