Health care as it is practiced today falls mainly into two camps:

Traditional medical treatment by doctors, hospitals, and the medicines they have us consume.

Alternative and holistic health care offers more options such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and natural supplements.

However, the big elephant in the room which is not generally recognized is that our Spiritual connection is probably the most important factor in our overall health.

We are not just physical bodies but a total being which consists of a spiritual core, the mind, vital forces, and also the physical body.

Most health approaches don’t even recognize the importance of our spiritual core–and I’m not talking about any one religion either.

What I’m talking about is that we all have a core of our being which is the eternal part of us which is beyond time and space.

A lot of my research on long lived people (ages 120-256 years old) shows that most of them have spiritual practices and/or realize that being spiritually connected is important to their long lives.

The focus of Longevity Coaching is to help clients learn about the total beings that we are and to help them enable this spiritual connection–whether thru meditation, prayer, or just enjoying nature.

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Marty Ettington