Many of us drift through life and don’t really think about staying alive until we are confronted by tough circumstances.

These circumstances are sometimes something dramatic like a boat sinking and being stranded at sea. (Or similar types of crises)

Much more often though the crisis is at some point in our lives when we have major challenges to overcome.

These challenges can be the death of a family member, loss of a job, or health problems –but these events all have one thing in common–they test our “will to live” or our will to survive.

The will to survive an immediate challenge or a long term one is what distinguishes those who survive from those who give up and let themselves be controlled by events–to die or just fade away.

An example in my life was having an unexpected nasty divorce, then being out of work for a couple of years at the same time and some serious chronic health challenges on top of all that.

The person who has a purpose in life and the will to make it happen will overcome these obstacles and create the new life they want without giving in to depression and despair–no matter how hard those feelings are knocking on the door.

It is up to each of us to prepare spiritually for eventual traumas in life–because if you live long enough those problems will happen to all of us.

What distinguishes us as individuals and determines our long term health and happiness is how one handles those challenges.

Are we determined to fulfill our mission in life no matter the obstacles put in our way? Or will we just quit when the going gets tough….

Each one of us has to decide this inside of us when the crisis comes–and make the decision to change events or let events control us.

Challenges are also a growth opportunity because they help us grow outside of our comfort zone and in doing so we reach new levels of awareness.

So I encourage you to meet the challenges in your life head on-while being centered, with purpose, and strong will-and you will always succeed in the end.

Marty Ettington