When I started my research  on long lived people back in 2009 I wanted to answer the claim that Indian Yogis had been making for hundreds of years that they could live much longer than normal people.

I found evidence of long lived persons not only in India–but all over the world, and this broke open the boundaries of what I had been taught–that we didn’t just have to live to our seventies of eighties–but that it was possible to live well into our hundreds and even beyond.

The well documented case of LI Chinig Yung who lived to 256 years old shows what is really possible.

Additional research I did into long lived animals and plants also convinced me that the genetic basis of all life–which we have in common with plants and animals means that potentially humanity doesn’t have a practical limit on longevity.

This is a revolutionary thought–because if true it upends the paradigms we have been taught–to expect to go thru different phases in life and then die.

What if we could live hundreds or even thousands of years?

Then we could have multiple careers–many spouses and families, and travel to see every place we would like?

The most common response of people in my lecture audiences have to these types of statements is “Why would I want to live beyond my normal age spans if I couldn’t be active and mobile?

This is another flawed assumption. The people in my records who are 150, 160, or even older–are very active. They get out and garden, walk, and even climbs trees. Longevity doesn’t mean immobility.

So don’t put limitations on your life. The psychology of believing you can live a long time is one of the keys to longevity–positive attitude.

Our program of personal longevity training for individuals and coaches allows you more personal freedom when you realize what is really possible to do with your life.

So don’t get caught in the trap ! Know that you can live an extremely long and fullfilling life–our possibilities and potential are only bounded by what we think is possible.

Marty Ettington