William Shakespeare said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It may be the reason why people want to make eye contact when they talk to you – to gauge the sincerity and truthfulness of your words. But the downside is, people can’t help but notice your dark under eye circles if you come to the office without treating them.

Dark under eye circles or eye bags can be caused by tiredness, dehydration, aging, salty diet, sleepless night, lack of exercise, sinuses, a night spent crying over some things or hereditary. If it’s hereditary, the only way to get rid of eye bags is cosmetic surgery which can be expensive. If caused by allergies, you can remedy it by taking anti-allergy drug prescribed by your doctor. However, if the dark circles are just puffiness, you can rid of them by following these tips.

Get ample sleep at night

This is the basic rule in preventing eye bags. Sleep on your back with your head propped higher with a second pillow so that fluid will not collect under your eyes. If you are not used to this position, you will find it hard to adjust. But then, if you want to look good in the morning you have to work hard for it. Do it gradually by placing pillows at your sides to prevent you from turning to your side when sleeping. Time will come that you will feel comfortable sleeping on your back.

In the morning, put some chilled cucumber slices or a cold compress over your eyes for about ten minutes to allow the coolness to penetrate the skin around the eyes to reduce the puffiness. Chilled wet tea bags can also do the trick.


Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily has long term health benefits. Water flushes out excess salt in the body, maintains the elasticity of your skin and help in skin renewal. Avoid dehydrating drinks like alcohol and coffee.Drugstore3

Apply skin care products

No matter how late it is, do not go to sleep with your makeup on to avoid skin and eye irritations. Wipe away makeup using a makeup remover before splashing water on your face and patting it dry. Moisturize your face and pay extra attention to your eye area. Apply a good eye cream before going to bed and sunscreen in the morning to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Do this beauty ritual every day, all year round.Drugstore4

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