By Dr Janni Lloyd

Throughout the ages, pioneers have been questioning the accepted belief systems of the populace, and producing major evolutionary leaps. ‘The Earth is the centre of the Universe’ gave way to the understanding that the Earth revolves around the Sun – even though the Sun still appeared to the eye to move around the Earth. ‘The Earth is flat’ gave way when Columbus did not fall off the edge. The Wright Brothers also flew us into another reality, as have countless others over time.

I feel that ‘physical death is inevitable’ will become as obsolete as some of those previous belief systems. We are moving from the Piscean aeon to the Aquarian aeon – each aeon lasting around two thousand years. With the Aquarian aeon, Indefinite Life Extension / Physical Immortality will become ‘an idea whose time has come’. What has been available to the individual will become available to the masses – we are in the process of an evolutionary leap of the mass consciousness. ‘Physical death is a choice’- a combination of theology and science can give one a starting point with this new belief system. Most people who have opened to their spirituality in this new age accept that they have a spiritual body which is eternal – the spiritual body separating from the physical or material body during the death process. Most of these same people also now accept that matter is composed of energy or consciousness or ‘thinking non-stuff’ to quote Deepak Chopra. To put it simply, when we get to a sub-atomic quantum level all matter is essentially ‘spirit’. With physical immortality, spirit/matter is fully recognized as one entity co-operatively organising and experiencing the play of life – thus physical death becomes unnecessary.

Sondra Ray in her book ‘How to be chic, fabulous and live forever’ likens our spiritual, mental and physical bodies to steam, water and ice, all the same substance just vibrating at a different rate. Medical science and scientific research are also very rapidly moving us towards physical immortality. The areas of gene therapy, regeneration/cloning of organs and nanotechnology, in particular, are highlighting this choice. Many individuals are historically reported to have achieved physical immortality. These include Enoch, Elijah, Moses, Jesus, Mary, Lao Tse, Babaji, Count St Germain to name just a few Twentieth century Immortals include Fulcanelli the alchemist. In spiritual literature, Immortals are reported to be able to teleport their physical body from place to place, and dimension to dimension.

My feeling is having a physically immortal body is the ultimate freedom. One can remain on the Earth plane as long as one chooses, and eventually learn to move to other dimensions – with the choice to come back and forth at will. The immortalist writer, Annalee Skarin said “Death is the dingy back door entrance to the heavenly realms.” Sondra Ray in her book ‘Inner Communion’ talks more about the advantages of choosing LIFE – “Some people will say – I would not want to live forever because I want to go to a higher place.” And yet, you do not necessarily go to a higher place just because you drop your body. Consciousness, when departing from the body seeks its own level. There is no escape from yourself. Death is no solution. Other people say “I don’t want to live forever because it is too painful.” The reason it is too painful for them to be in the physical body is because of the death urge. Therefore, mastering Physical Immortality IS the solution to manifesting a body free of pain. This is the ‘Catch 22′… the secret of the ages. People who are sick obviously do not want to live forever, and yet mastering Physical Immortality is the way to heal sickness. In fact, all healing is temporary until you heal death. We could teach people to heal themselves of all the diseases they created (because what you create you can uncreate), BUT if they don’t heal death, they will just make up a new way to kill themselves. It becomes clear that all death is suicide. There is an alternative to aging and death and that is youthing and mastering the mind and body so that you can keep it as long as you like by the power of your mind. If you can learn to rejuvenate your body and youth it (which you can), and if you can learn to have and maintain Pure Joy (which you can), then you might want to learn to master Physical Immortality. The quality of your life would immediately improve.’

The techniques that I feel help one transition to a Physically Immortal body are many and varied. Here’s a few to get you started. On the mental level, start believing it is possible. As Wayne Dyer says ‘You’ll see it when you believe it.’ The ‘believing’ will, in time, become a ‘knowing’. Become aware of and release death oriented patterns of thinking, speaking and behaviour. Affirmations of life and joy are useful.

On the spiritual level, use the three laws of Physical Immortality – The law of PRAISE, the law of LOVE and the law of GRATITUDE. These are powerful laws, particularly the law of gratitude. Here is what Robert Coon, who has been teaching and writing about Physical Immortality for over 40 years, says about gratitude in his book, “The Science of Everlasting Life”- “Gratitude is the most powerful attitude of Being, the Great Be-attitude. Mastery of Gratitude leads to the overcoming of all things. The energies of gratitude multiply many fold as they are sent out from your heart. As these energies are released, they uplift the atoms and cells of your physical body. Develop your outpouring of Gratitude until it is a mighty river radiating from your heart 24 hours a day. Pure gratitude is a real energy whose frequency is incorruptible and Christed. Tzadkiel, the Archangel of Jupiter, is the principal angel of Gratitude in the Cabala. The gratitude that you send out eventually returns to you, many times multiplied, as spiritual light or divine substance. This light enters your body and mind and illuminates your Way. Every Spiritual Law can be expressed as a Divine Promise. DIVINE PROMISE: You who are grateful in all things shall be filled with light and comprehend all things.’

Open to the state of grace – using the energies of praise, love and gratitude for EVERYTHING in your life will move you from the law of karma to the law of grace. Life affirming meditations and vision quests are also helpful.

On the emotional level, one needs to move towards unconditional love of self by removing blocks from childhood and past lives. Many techniques can assist with this eg. Rebirthing, past life regression, aromatherapy, aura soma therapy, flower essences, and many forms of body work. Leonard Orr, the father of rebirthing, says that rebirthing will ultimately lead to physical immortality Breathing techniques in general are very powerful. Unconditional love of self leads to unconditional love and non – judgement of others.

On the physical level, love and enjoy the miraculous creation that is your body. Honour your body’s wisdom. Nutrionally, vegetarianism becomes appealing. Move your body with joy and fun. Be flexible in every area of your life and your body remains supple.

In an article in ‘Golden Age’ magazine, Leonard Orr said: “The three basic causes of death are: (1) Ignorance – people never question or think about it. (2) Emotional energy pollution – people don’t learn how to clean their energy body – they don’t take spiritual purification seriously. (3) Poor diet – most people eat themselves to death.

Remember – if Physical Immortality philosophy is your choice – trust the divine intuitive guidance within your own heart.
As Robert Coon says – plan to be eternally LATE for your own funeral……



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