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Our Longevity Coaching program is becoming a big success–more and more professionals and those planning to start their own longevity coaching practices are enrolling everyday. 

We have lots of testimonials of those who have taken the training–and they all rave about it. 


Many are saying our training has changed their lives

Now, as the developer of the Personal Longevity Program and associated training and certifications–I’ve decided to make myself available for FREE 30 minute sessions to answer questions about the program and to explain how our 10 principles training will positively affect your lives.

So if you would like to set a FREE appointment to learn more about becoming a longevity coach or how longevity training will improve your life just follow the link below:


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Let’s Talk –I’d love to hear from you !


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Marty Ettington

The International Longevity Center

The Personal Longevity Program