Hello Longevity People !
We are glad for the healthy relationship we have enjoyed with you for the whole year. Its time to merry and would like to merry with you! That is why we bring you our bag of goodies this festive season and to wish you and your a merry Christmas!!!!
Treat your Family to a delightful and healthy Salad: Vitamin C Rich Hearty Goya and Tofu Salad Recipe Free.  
Ingredients For Two People:
Ingredient for 2 people
  • Go-ya (better melon) 1/3 melon
  • Tomato 1/2 fruit
  • Tofu (momentofu) 1/2 package
  • Home made salad dressing …
  • Soy sauce – 1table spoon
  • Lemon juice – 1 table spoon
  • Sugar – 1 table spoon
  • Vinegar – 1table spoon
*Mirin table – 1 spoon (if you like)(Optional)
*Mirin is a traditional seasoning agent unique to Japanese cuisine. Versatile and easy to use, Mirin is prized by both professional chefs as well as Japanese households for its ability to enhance flavor.
Mirin is a fermented product made from mochigome (sweet rice), koji, alcohol and sugar. Gekkeikan mirin enhances the flavor of cooking ingredients while giving a mildly sweet character to create a satisfying balance. Dice-cut tofu and tomato
Slice goya and gently squeeze goya with 1 table spoon salt about 30 seconds and wash and dry. This process is to reduce the bitter taste of the goya.
Just dish up. Put tofu on the serving dish first, then goya on the tofu, and finally top off with tomato.
Dressing: mix all ingredients and pour on the salad.
Enjoy your healthy vitamin C rich salad.
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Happy Holidays!
Martin Ettington