Mahashta Mûrasi thinks death forgot him According to unofficial records, one old man, Mahashta Mûrasi from India believes that somehow he fell through the cracks when death was doing routine check.
He is said to have been born long before the world wars. The man who was born in 1835 is not only the oldest man in the world but also the man who lived the
longest since the history of mankind (according to the Guinness World Records ).
According to the information transmitted, the man was born in Bangalore on January 6 1835.De 1903, he lived in Varanasi, where he worked until 1957, until his retirement at the age of 122. According to WorldNewsDaily Report, all official documents to identify this man support his version. My grandchildren have died there a few years ago, said Mûrasi. In a way,
Death has forgotten me. And now I have lost all hope to die.