• Are you looking for a great way to earn extra money and really help people too?
  • Would you like to help change the world for the better? 
  • Earn money from home as well as when you network in person? 

Then you have come to the right place !

Longevity Training Affiliate Sales is an incredible Program and you will love it
We have several levels of Sales Affiliates from Free to Paid levels with various levels of commissions.
You can sell to get straight commission or the option of building your own network. It’s your choice rp_customer-support-300x240.png
This program is run on state of the art software and when you signup as an affiliate you will have your own affiliate panel to use.
Here is a snapshot of the affiliate panel:

Our Affiliate structure and bonuses means you will have many options to build revenue and income.


Questions about this Program?–Setup a FREE Meeting with the Program Author:

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  There are two types of Longevity Training Affiliates:

A) Consulting Affiliates You become a consulting affiliate whenever you buy one of our basic longevity training products. This can be purchased two ways:


For a one time fee of $249 or $375 when purchasing Longevity Basic Training or the Longevity Webinars Bundle

For this fee you will get the following:

  • Access to the Basic Longevity Training program which provides basic long term health and longevity training knowledge to be able to understand and successfully sell the training to others
  • Full Sales Support for your sales efforts
  • A 15% sales commission for all of our Longevity Training Products

To become a member of the Matrix Multi Level Program (MLM) you must purchase one copy of the professional level training for yourself or…

  1. Sell 5 copies of the professional level training

  2. Sell 10 copies of any mix of our personal or pro training programs.

  3. Sell 1 copy of the Packaged Longevity Workshops

When you meet these goals will give you one license of the professional level training-and you will then become an Advanced Affiliate

The reason we want everyone to buy the professional level training is because that is the best way you will really understand what our training program is all about-to best be able to use it, describe it,  and sell it to others.

B) Advanced Affiliates Team-1000x500 Advanced Affiliates have made the commitment to purchase the Professional Level Longevity Training Program for themselves for either

4 payments of $313/mth or $1,195

(We encourage everyone with the professional level longevity training to become a certified Longevity Coach–but that is up to the individual.)

Advanced Affiliates participate in the full Matrix MLM and can either start their own downline or become part of an existing team. Level 1 Commissions are as follows:

A 20% Commission for 1-9 copies sold

A 25% Commission for 10-19 copies sold

A 30% Commission for 20 copies and up sold

You will also receive these commissions for the persons signed up below you:

Level 2: 5%

Level 3: 4%

Level 4: 3%

Level 5: 3%

Plus additional Bonuses as your downline grows.

A Matrix downline structure:

The Matrix downline structure is designed to allow you to have 5 (Level 2) sub-affiliates, and each of them can have 5 next level sub-affiliates, etc.

This means you can have these total numbers of sub-affiliates:

Level 2: 5

Level 3: 25

Level 4: 125

Level 5: 625

And you will get paid commissions on their sales for all of them !

Completing an Affiliate Matrix:

Once you complete the Affiliate Matrix you will get a bonus of $10,000 plus extras TBD Then you can keep your existing affiliate matrix and start a new one ! Have a continuous income stream while you sit on the beach !


Affiliate Sales Program Options
Consulting Affiliates Advanced Affiliates
FEE TO SIGNUP: $249 Basic Training or $375 Bundled Webinars FEE TO SIGNUP: $313/mth for 4 months or $1,195  Longevity Coaching, or $7,900 Packaged Workshops 
  • One license of Basic Longevity Training
  • Credit for upgrade to higher level licenses
  • Regular Sales Support
  • Regular Webinar and Conference calls
  • Custom Affiliate Page-on request
  • Extensive Sales Resources
  • Robust Affiliate Control Panel
  • One license of the Professional Longevity Training
  • Longevity Coaching Certification Process
  • 24X7 Sales Support Regular Webinar and Conference calls Custom Affiliate Page
  • Extensive Sales Resources
  • Robust Affiliate Control Panel
Sales Commissions: 15% Sales Commissions 20%, 25%, 30%
Sell 5 Professional Trainings to join Advanced Affiliates & get one pro license Build a Multi Level Network of Sub-Affiliates
Sell 10 of pro or personal training to join Advanced Affiliates & get one pro license Sub-Affiliate Commissions from 3%-5%
Sell One Packaged Longevity Workshop to join Advanced Affiliates & get one pro license Sub-Affiliate Commissions from 3%-5%

Questions about this Program?–Setup a FREE Meeting with the Program Author:

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  What is my Earnings Potential?

Consulting Affiliate Scenario:
When you sell the Professional Level Training program your commission will start at 15% or about $180.
You should also be able to close 10% of them when you are up to speed.

NOTE: New Packaged Longevity Workshops have been introduced as of September 2015. With a list price of $7,900 and a 15% commission–that works out to $1,185 US per sale. Please take this into account in all calculations.

Lets do the math:
1) Contact 50 persons per week or 200 per month. 
2) Convert 10% of them to a sale per month. Let’s assume they are all professional training sales.
3) This would result in 20 sales. Your commissions would be about $3,600 per month.

(This would be $23,700 per month for Packaged Longevity Workshops)

(An experienced rep should be able to convert 10%-20%)
Advanced Affiliate Scenario:
Now let’s say you become an Advanced Affiliate by having previously sold 20 training licenses. (10 to become advanced and 10 more to get to the 25% level)
At a 25% commission bracket your earnings for the same level of effort would be $6,000 per month
Sub-Affiliate Scenario:
 As an Advanced Affiliate you also build a sub-affiliate matrix with 40 persons.
(You can have up to 625 sub-affiliates per Matrix)
Each person has sold 5 professional training copies per month.
This would net you additional commissions of $10,000/month–without any extra effort !
And the larger your network–the larger your commissions !
Longevity Coaching Scenario:
Build a practice as a Longevity Coach and charge clients $120/hour seeing clients 30 hours per week.
This adds up to $180,000 per year for 50 weeks of work.

Longevity Training Target Markets:

There are actually several target markets where our longevity training products will help people. These include the following:

1) Chronic Disease

Persons who want relief from pain and suffering. A lot of our training program focuses on relaxation techniques which are proven to help stabilize the autonomic nervous system and therefore stabilize many processes in the body. See the Training Options page on the homepage of this site and the “Chronic Illness” tab on that page for more information

2) Personal Freedom

Our philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity can also be sold to younger people who are feeling oppressed by our bureaucratic society, and looking for a way out. We teach people to think outside the boxes of their expectations and beliefs and our training provide young people a powerful way to develop more options in their lives. See the Training Options page on the homepage of this site and the “Personal Freedom” tab on that page for more information

3) The Professional Market

All types of health professionals from traditional medical, holistic, and alternative backgrounds will find Longevity Coaching credentials an important total health philosophy to wrap around their existing skillsets to expand their potential client market dramatically. See the Training Options page on the homepage of this site and the “Longevity Coaching” tab on that page for more information

4) Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are a great opportunity because they are experienced people who are often looking for new career opportunities and who are also old enough to be serious about applying the longevity techniques and knowledge to their own lives. 

5) Workshop Prospects

For the Longevity Workshops we can go after Spas, Health & Wellness Centers, Resorts, Training organizations, and professionals who want to hold Workshops for their clients.



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 The rest of this page includes all types of sales resources which can be used to sell to any of the above marketing focuses

The following video provides lots of information about selling Longevity Coaching to Professionals :

How do I find Sales Leads?

Here are some of the most common ways we find our leads:

  • Searches for resumes on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Use search terms for the types of professionals you are interested in and you will find thousands
  • Setup a Facebook page–then post our daily blog articles and start conversations with people on your page–who will turn into prospects (our authorized sales reps can use all of our posting content for their sales efforts)
  • groups. There are thousands of meetup groups on health related topics. Find the best ones in your area and go to their meetings to network.
  • Chamber of Commerce related health groups. Many large cities have health sub groups for their chamber of commerce orgs and you can join and attend those groups to network
  • Toastmasters Clubs–Great places to learn to speak and get your message out
  • Spiritual and Meditation Centers
  • Companies who are interested in wellness programs (We are developing some specific programs for companies too)
  • Professional organization meetings for different types of health professionals such as Chiropractors, Nutritionists, etc.
  • Webinars–Many people do online webinars as do we–You can get 10 people online in Video simultaneously for free with Google Hangouts for example
  • Organize Seminars on longevity and long term health–(See speaking options below under the next section)

Sales and Marketing Resources:

1) Your Affiliate Control Panel:

Let’s start with your Affiliate Control Panel 

The Affiliate Control Panel offers many banners and text links which contain your affiliate codes. These can be found under the Promotions->Banners menu on the left side.

How to use it: These banners and text links provide the code with your affiliate info embedded to use on your own website.

There is also a menu choice for “Signup Sub-Affiliates” which gives you the link your own sub-affiliate signups should use to signup under your affiliate tree.

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2) Free Phone Consultations

I have an automatic scheduling tool to setup FREE 30 min appointments with me to talk to prospects about the our training and affiliate programs.

How to use it: Contact me about your prospect first so I’m prepared to address their issues and needs. Then send the prospect to this page to register with me for an appointment:

My aim is to help all our Affiliates close business themselves–not take orders directly. The succcess of my business depends on happy and profitable affiliates.

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3) Our Longevity Blog:

We have built the world’s largest longevity blog with over 800+ articles and counting. This blog contains all types of articles from science to spirituality, psychology, records of long lived persons and more.


How to use It: This blog can be used to show our credibility and seriousness as a source providing a free and comprehensive information to everyone about long term health and longevity. Articles related to the 10 principles are also part of the blog. 

Use the Archive menu to find all the articles on specific categories,  from previous months, or keywords.

Here is the Archives page link:

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4) Brochures:

We now have several tri fold brochure you can print up for Longevity Coaching candidates and Packaged Workshop potential clients.

Brochure for Longevity Coaches

How to use it: It provides the benefits and a high level view of longevity coaching and can be used with health professionals or prospective clients

Brochure for Workshop Prospects

How to use it: Review the brochure from front to back with prospects to show them the value of the Workshops as part of their businesses.

Brochure on Webinars

How to use it: Handout to prospects to get them to come to free and paid training sessions to learn more about our products and services.

Basic Brochure on the Personal Longevity Program

How to use it: This one page both sides literature piece provides basic information and benefits about personal longevity program training. Is useful as a beginning intro piece for potential individual or professional clients.

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5) Reports:

Our Special Report on Longevity Coaching Careers:


How to use it: This report covers over 20 pages of solid information on why longevity coaching is a great profession and you can review it with prospects one on one or email it to them and discuss on the phone Divider Line Green Yellow

6) Seminar Presentations

Seminars of under two hours are a great way to introduce professionals to the Longevity Coaching Program and Packaged Longevity Workshops

Longevity Coaching Presentation

How to Use it: Use this Seminar Presentation in Powerpoint for an evening focused on selling Longevity Coaches. Give special offers to the audience to have the best chance of closing sales.


Packaged Workshop Presentation

How to use it: Show to organizational prospects to help them see the value of the Packaged Workshops to provide an integrated wellness philosophy and grow their businesses


Divider Line Green Yellow

7) Recommended Sales Videos to use

The 10 Principles Overview Video

Direct URL is:

How to use it: This video provides a 6:29 min overview of the 10 principles of personal longevity and can be used to introduce a prospect to the concepts and why they will help change their life and integrate well into their practices

The Longevity Training Professional Certification Online Training

Direct URL is:

How to use it: This video shows the professional online training system, how the courses are laid out, and how to navigate the system. Very useful for prospects to show them exactly what they will be buying and what it looks like

Packaged Longevity Workshops

Direct URL is:

How to use it: Show to Packaged Workshop Prospects as an example of a student handbook they can put together for their classes based on the materials we provide with the workshops

The Longevity Coaching Profession

Direct URL is:

How to use it: This 10:52 min video uses the FREE version of the EBook “Building a Successful Longevity Coaching Business” to provide a lot of benefits and information to prospects on why they should become longevity coaches. It also covers potential earnings, hot buttons for end clients and much more

Life Extension-A Secret Reality

Direct URL:

How to use it: We normally give this 12:40 min video away to people who signup on our email list to build excitement with them and break preconceptions about the possibilities of a long life. It is a great sales tool to get prospects excited about what we are doing.

The Personal Freedom Movement

Direct URL:

How to use it: Another approach to younger people about what we are doing is to help them learn to think “outside of the box” and to change their subconscious beliefs to have much happier and more fulfilling lives. This video introduces younger prospects to this concept by mentioning a lot of issues they are living. It is an intro to why the personal longevity training can be useful to them in their lives.

CRN Radio Interview #1 on Longevity and Immortality

Direct URL:

 How to use it: This interview is the first of two done by Martin Ettington on the CRN Radio network. It covers an interactive exposition on the 10 principles with the host.

Very useful for proving credibility to a prospect as well as introducing them to the overall concepts. Was followed a week later by Interview #2–but we don’t currently have a copy of that one.

Several Testimonials

Testimonial by Doug–A Certified Longevity Coach

Direct URL:

Testimonial by Petra–A Certified Longevity Coach

Direct URL:

Testimonial By Shai-A Certified Longevity Coach

Direct URL:

Testimonial by Kat

Direct URL:

How to use it: Above are several testimonials we use on our website where the clients talk about the longevity training and coaching program. Good materials to address client questions about who is using the program.

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8) Our FREE Business Building Ebook


How to use it: This EBook contains about 1/3 of the content of our full 100 page Business Building Ebook clients get when they signup for our professional training program. The idea of the EBook is to act not only as a sales tool, but as an actual business building tool since the full EBook also has our “90 Day Jumpstart Program” to help the client get their business going. The information in this EBook includes decades of actual experience in sales and business building by the author.

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8) Our online survey to analyze client’s business and make recommendations


How to use it: The reason for this service is since many holistic and health professionals don’t really know how to market or sell their services. Therefore, part of the sales process is to help these professionals feel confident that we understand their business and how when they buy our longevity training we will help them make a profit.

This is why we have a number of business building resources including some optional coaching website and online services to help them with their practices once they become longevity coaching clients.

The form above asks a series of questions for us to learn about their business issues and then we will provide a free 30 min consultation on the phone or Skype. You are protected for commissions as long as you have submitted your lead or prospect information previously.

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9) Longevity Training Webinars

We have regular Webinars for prospective Longevity coaches and the interested public. You can of course invite people to these events to help your sales process.

Besides information and links on upcoming events, there is also a previous Webinar recording on this page:


How to use it: Again, this is a great tool for an introduction to prospects about the 10 principles as well as an interactive Q&A session at the end where our experts answer attendees questions.

Divider Line Green Yellow

10) Put on custom longevity training classes for your local clients and/or friends

Our President Martin Ettington does in person classes for groups of 10 and up.

These classes are usually one day from 9-5PM and involve teaching overviews of the 10 Principles as an introduction to the 10 principles philosophy.

Martin charges $1000 per day for his services plus travel. You organize the class–you keep the rest. We will also do custom arrangements.

Typical sizes and prices for a one day seminar are $149 per person for a group of 20 people. This would net you about $2000 after speakers fees and before travel expenses

Martin will also do FREE one hour appearances in the Southern California area as long as transportation is covered

Contact Martin to discuss further details: Email: Phone: 310-386-6388310-386-6388

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Overcoming Sales Objections:

A) Longevity Coaching

The below questions are typical ones that coaching prospects may ask and what the proper response is to give them the facts and keep them interested.

When potential clients are asking questions that means they do have some level of interest.

1) The price seems like a lot? Why is it so much?

The prices for various types of health and life coaching programs with similar content vary from $700 at the low end to $10,000 at the high end.

All of our students love our training and from various feedback we believe that the content is as professional as any for coaching training, and the price is much less than 90% of the other training programs out there.

We also offer a variety of content and services to help you build your business which are included in the price of the training too.

2) How many Longevity Coaches do you have?

We have a close knit core of Longevity Coaches here in the Los Angeles area, but due to how new the program is we are still expanding in Southern California and many other locations.

3) How long is the training and how long will it take me to get certified?

The training content is 60+ hours of audio/visual/reading materials. Most of our students complete it in 4-6 weeks by devoting 5-10 hours per week.

The tests at the end of each course are mainly designed to confirm that you have reviewed the materials and understand the concepts. When you complete the tests and submit the results you will become a certified longevity coach.

4) What if I don’t like the training and want my money back?

We offer an unconditional 30 day return option for a full refund. The only exception is a $50 re-stocking fee for the DVD training program.

5) How much money can I make as a Longevity Coach?

Estimates of these numbers are given in the Longevity Coaching Career document and in the FREE EBook on business building. These calculations show that with reasonable assumptions a longevity coach billing 30 hours per week can earn $180K per year.

6) How will I get a good Return on Investment for my investment?

Our 100 page EBook on “Building a Successful Longevity Coaching Business” covers many planning, marketing, and sales aspects of building your own coaching practice as a longevity coach and also includes our “90 Day Jumpstart Program”. We also hold regular Webinars for our coaches to provide lots of synergy, continual training, and success stories.

7) What additional support capabilities do you have to help me get my coaching business going?

We know that learning and getting certified in longevity coaching is only the first step to building your business. One of the additional services we offer are high quality and very competitive longevity coaching websites–which also include some components of the longevity training program to use with coaching clients. (In partnership with CoachSolutions.Guru)


8) I don’t have the money to pay for the program right now

This is why we have multiple purchase options based on your budget. The lowest price option lets you subscribe monthly for 12 months and pay only for the professional training. The training will then become available to you online in monthly increments.

If it’s a question of available funds just think about this as an investment in your career for the future. How much is an investment which will produce a great income worth to you?

B) Packaged Longevity Workshops

  1. How much can I customize the workshop materials for my own usage?

You are allowed to customize the presentation materials as long as you stick to the core 10 Principles teaching. You are also not allowed to make any medical claims of diagnosis or cures from our training. Finally, you get one longevity coaching license with the package but you are not allowed to training and certify anyone else to become a Longevity Coach.





We also do special arrangements for Professional Sales persons and Resellers.

If you are interested in just doing sales please send your resume to and/or make an appointment using our online appointment Calendar

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(Note: When you signup as an affiliate you will automatically be added to this list anyway)

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