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Coaching Survey Questions

Question #1:Have you thought about becoming a Professional Coach? If YES-then what is holding you up?

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Question #2:Did you know that Professional Coaching is a fast growing and high income profession?

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Question #3: What are your concerns about becoming a Professional Coach?

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Question #4: What health and wellness or other skills do you have which clients might find useful?

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Question #5:Do you have any additional questions about the Coaching Profession?

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Question #6: Do you know what Longevity Coaching is and would you like to learn more?

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Question #7: How did you find out about this survey?

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Is Coaching a real Profession?

How Much do Coaches Earn?

What Standards & Risks Exist for Coaching?

The Growth of Professional Coaching

Is Professional Coaching right for me?

How to be successful as a Coach

Virtual Coaching

How Your Age will affect your market

Additional Sources of Revenue

Issues to watch out for