We want to have a Longer life and live Healthy & Happy well into our hundreds ! Its possible. We choose to claim just a portion of our life when we have the birth right to live to a ripe old age!


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Reasons why this information is Unique:

  • A complete basic training course on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity to help you learn these practices yourself

  • Read our 900 article and growing Longevity Blog–more information on how to improve your long term health than you will find anywhere, 

  • Aging and Chronic Illness Specialists to talk with you about your personal concerns

  • Various EBooks on Longevity and related Health Subjects

  • The Diets and Lifestyles of Four Long Lived Cultures around the world 

  • Podcast and Webinars on Aging and Chronic Illness issues–a unique point of view by specialists

  • Information on Chronic Illness Relief


What Personal Longevity Value can we provide you?

  • How to calm your system to stabilize your organs and glands for long term health
  • How to lead the lifestyle of Centenarians to remain healthy a long time
  • The Diets of Long Lived People
  • Scientific Studies on how to improve your long term health and longevity.
  • Get personally trained on how to reduce pain and suffering from your Aging issues and Chronic Illnesses
  • Get trained on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity to live longer and healthier from implementing them in your life.


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Christian Jacobsen Drakenberg died at 150 years in 1772

The Exclusive Longevity Subscription Service includes:


Read the largest Longevity Blog in the world ! Almost 900 articles and growing daily. Many science articles on Longevity as well as practical advice on your personal Longevity.

Also includes a full index where you can search for words, by Category, Tag Cloud, or by the Month and Year published.

A great Resource and well worth hundreds of dollars –if you could even find all this information.

The membership includes a full basic longevity training program where you will learn how to apply the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity to your life each month.

Includes videos, audios, and reading assignments. A truly unique resource which you will only find from Personal Longevity, Inc.

If you apply it to your life this training program can increase your healthy living by decades. This training program normally sells for $250 by itself so you will be getting a great deal.



The Longevity Resource Pages were originally designed as an addendum to each course in the Longevity Coaching Program.

These pages include additional downloads related to each training course as well as links to other related forms of longevity documentation.

A great companion to the training program and well worth the information included.

Each month you will be able to download several new EBooks on Longevity, Wellness, Immortaltiy, Healthy foods, and more.

The books section provides many unique reading resources for you. And some which are unexpected !

Enjoy these EBooks because they are not available everywhere…. and they are worth hundreds of dollars purchased separately.


longevity-community-imageThe Longevity Community is designed to help you connect with Longevity and Immortality groups around the world as well as enable communications.

You can send personal messages, interact in groups–form your own–and much more.

We include an index of many types of Longevity and Immortality groups from all over the word. An invaluable resource.


In the Videos Section you will see our full Longevity Video Blog.

Each month you will also gain access to new and varied videos on each of the 10 Principles which are all oriented towards helping you implement them in your life.

From popular speakers to wonderful meditations–its all there for you !

We studied four of the longest lived communities in the world and found their recipes which are based on age old wisdom for healthy longevity.

Each month you will get several new recipes which are very tasteful and based on very healthy and long lived traditions.

These people really know how to enjoy life !



We need to change our subconscious programming to believe what is possible for healthy longevity.

The Affirmations Section provides you with one new Longevity Affirmation each week.

Each of these affirmations should be meditated on to internalize them and make them part of your daily life.

One of the biggest problems of aging is dealing with Chronic Illnesses like Diabetes and Arthritis.

Most of these problems start around age 35 and many older people deal with two or more chronic conditions.

In our Section on Chronic Illnesses we provide many exercises and reading materials to help you reduce the severity of pain and suffering from this issues. How much is this worth to you?



One of the really fun areas of the site is where we post a custom video each month on the details of long lived individuals or communities around the world.

Its really neat to hear about the details of how people live to such amazing ages or the how and why of the longest lived communities in our world.


Our approach to Long Term Health and Longevity is based on Science

Meditation Stabilizes the Autonomic Nervous System

rp_spine.gif ……An example of the potential powerful effect of meditation has been demonstrated by a male client of the group. He is in his late 50’s, has Diabetes Type 2, arthritis of a hip and is obese. He meditates daily and has been working with meditation for many years. Despite the negative stressors his body is confronted with, his ANS was in perfect balance. As the ANS affects every organ in the body this is a great basis for any life style improvement…… See the full article when you become a member

Evidence that many long lived people exist–Li Ching Young lived to 256 years old
See evidence about many long lived people as a member li-ching-yung

Four Groups of long lived people we studied who have many similar factors in their diets and lifestyles:


Okinawa                 Azerbajan                Vilcabamba                  Hunzas

We learned about Lifestyle and Diet common Factors… Signup to learn the details

Testimonials about the Longevity Membership Subscription Site and Longevity Coaching

It is a friendly site easy to go through the topics and everything is easily reachable, smooth transitions between sections no hang ups, also it has a lot of useful material about longevity and immortality, Marty is an enthusiastic researcher about longevity and is always looking for the newest advances and tips on the subject

Marty has changed dramatically the point of view I had from the span of life. The first contact I had with him was about 5 years ago navigating thorough web pages, and since then I consider (maybe this will sound astonishing) that every death is a suicide, we decide in most basic nature when we die. I have seen that with relatives and friends, when you quit fighting for your life, when you feel that your life is already finished and that you are satisfied with what you have done and it is ok to finish and the death is welcome, be certain that in most of the cases this will be the end. Thank you Marty for your help, information and advice and I think you have a very special place and mission in this world, keep going I hope see you in 500 years or at least this should be our life span just to consider a start point. God bless you Dr. Luis G.

The free information, the recipes,books,wow……I am impressed by the amount of information that is on this site and books and free downloads, can not wait to try the recipes. Nancy P.

As a subscriber to the Personal Longevity Subscription Service, I must thank Marty and team for the great work they have done with collecting such valuable information and packaging it into a beautiful and easy to use platform. Its my source of daily inspiration and I have created a great workout and diet routine from the material there. I specifically love the recipes so much and hey, somebody try the mushroom soups! Brian A.

I have read several books on spirituality, fitness and longevity but none of them match the 10 Principals of Personal Longevity. I read this book when Marty told me that it’s the basis of the Personal Longevity Program. Thanks a lot.  Becky A. Spiritual Guide

Testimonial Videos on our Approach to Longevity from some of our Longevity Coaches:

Personal Longevity, Inc. has been around for several years and in development for eight years.–We have been mainly marketing Longevity Coaching to professionals. Now we want to offer everybody a low cost way to optimize long term health and longevity in their lives.

We want to have a Longer life and live Healthy & Happy well into our hundreds ! Its possible. We choose to claim just a portion of our life when we have the birth right to live to a ripe old age!

All of our teachings on Longevity are Based on the 10 Principles: