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Reasons and Benefits of adding Longevity Services

Longevity is the hot topic now and we have the best program on the market to help you get into this business.

Many Chiropractors are looking for additional revenue opportunities—especially longevity related.

Personal Longevity can provide those services and help minimize time involvement.

Some of the things your Chiropractic clinic can get from our services include:

  • More clients interested in learning a longevity lifestyle

  • New longevity services business from existing clients

  • Generate more revenue from your existing services with new clients

  • A longevity lifestyle philosophy integrated with what you already teach

  • Minimize your time investment in the program

  • Complement what you are already doing with your patients

Program Implementation

The idea is to train at least one person at your site in our Longevity Coaching program. We also have your organization signup for our support service to help your sales effort on longevity services. Costs would be $2,000 for coaching, and $1,500 for yearly longevity services support for a total $3,500 initial investment)

The trained person will have some time available to work with us to setup marketing events with potential clients. They will also talk with prospects on the phone

Services we will provide for the year longevity services support fee include:

  • Online joint webinars where we will do a joint presentation with your people to generate interest in longevity training and your other services.

  • Regular posts for your organization on our Longevity Blog—the largest one in the world with over 900 articles and growing weekly

  • Support to help you close clients

  • Marketing tools including flyers, videos, and detailed marketing information to help you close clients

  • Longevity presentation materials you can use at Longevity or related events

  • An ordering page on your website to place longevity orders and split out your commissions

  • A 20% discount for Packaged Longevity Workshops

Packaged Longevity Workshops

This is an additional revenue opportunity for you to hold workshops or seminars at your facility with our package of longevity materials. It includes 170 power point slides, student handouts in notebook form, and all of the forms you will need to plan, market, and hold events on about longevity on your own.

This package is list price of $2,499 and as a subscriber to longevity support services you will get it for a 20% discounted price of $2,000.

These workshops can be done over a full weekend or ten sessions over time. People typically pay $600 each for the entire workshop. With twenty people per event that is $15,000 in revenue for a $2,000 investment.

Sales and Margins

The products to sell your clients include:

  • Our online individual Longevity Training accessible on web browsers and cell phones $350 per person (A Discount of 30% from list )

  • The Longevity Exclusive Membership Site membership for one year accessible on web browsers $30 per month $30 X 12 =$360 (A discount of 70% from list)

We will also provide live and recorded webinars for all chiropractic clients to attend on different longevity concepts and offerings

Your Chiropractic organization will get 25% sales commission on all longevity programs.

It is not something we are focusing on here, but our flagship program is Longevity Coaching which is $2000. If some of your people decide to buy that you will also get a 25% sales commission of $500

5.0 Potential Product Sales Estimates

The Goals would be to generate 400 new longevity clients per year

Assuming a 10% conversion of persons attending webinars or being talked to on the phone.

We would need to contact 2000 persons per year or 166 per month or 5 per day

Resulting Sales Estimate:

  • 200 online individual longevity training for $350 X 200 signups = $70,000

  • 200 online longevity exclusive membership site for one year: 360 X 200 signups= $72,000

  • Hold two Longevity Workshop/Seminar Series events per year. Assuming 25 people per event this would be. $30,000 in revenue less $2000 initial cost for $28,000 additional per year

25% commission of $142,000 per year = $35,500 plus $28,000 workshop/seminar revenue

This is a total of $63,500 in longevity direct revenue per year.

This of course does not include additional revenue for your Chiropractic and related services each year which could be $100 per person X 400 new clients or an additional $40,000 per year.

A total of an additional $103,500 revenue estimated per year for adding our longevity programs to your line of services from direct and indirect sales.



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