Spiritual and Energy Healers are one of the biggest groups of professionals integrating Longevity Coaching into their offerings

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The reason is that the longevity lifestyle we teach is about our total being–which is a lot more than the physical body.

We teach that as the individual develops a spiritual connection through mindfulness—it improves the overall health of their bodies by bringing down a blueprint of health into themselves.

Many of the 10 Principles that we teach are focused on non physical aspects of our being. You can see from the below list that Principles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 deal with our beliefs, psychology, mind, and spirit

Many of your clients will be interested in a “longevity lifestyle” which we teach.

This program includes many things of important to your clients including:

  • Life Purpose and Goals

  • Nutrition for Longevity

  • Subconscious Beliefs

  • Intuition for Safety

  • Some important facts about weightloss and exercise

  • and much more…


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