Massage Therapists are one of the biggest groups of professionals integrating Longevity Coaching into their offerings

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The specific benefits of our coaching program for the Massage Therapists Business includes the following:

  • Add more services for your existing clients

  • Provide longevity lifestyle coaching to your clients

  • Get new clients interested in the longevity lifestyle and in your massages

  • Teach clients “Personal Freedom” which are the short term psychological benefits of our program.

  • Teach the Diets and Lifestyles of Long Lived People

  • What are the key considerations for Weight Loss

Massage therapists seem to love our coaching program because it provides a wellness aspect to what they do for a limited cost.

Our longevity coaching program can be learned in 6-8 weeks only doing 6-8 per week in training and the cost is lower than other coaching programs too

You get a lot to add to your skillset for a limited focused effort.

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