Jump on the newest and fastest growing Life/Wellness Coaching Trend by becoming a CERTIFIED LONGEVITY COACH AND MAKE MASSIVE $$$ in 2023!

  • Do you want to take advantage of the huge growth in anti-aging, long-term health and longevity coaching?
  • You know already, that Baby Boomers are out there, and you could see yourself teaching them how to Master and Take control of their long term health?
  • You have lots of life experience and you want to do something more rewarding, where you can also help others?

If you can answer one of these questions with YES, you are ABSOLUTELY at the right place! Teaching clients, that they don’t have to be dependent on government healthcare, but can learn how to manage their own long-term health, vitality, and happiness is currently the most rewarding and hottest trend in healthcare and you can monetize on it NOW, starting with TODAY !  


There are 3 good reasons why you should put your thoughts on the mega trend Longevity Coaching…


Personal Freedom

Many people feel stale, without hope, and wonder if life is worth living. Our integrated health philosophy teaches them that they can break psychological barriers, think outside of the box, and make life a much happier and worthwhile way to live. There are immediate benefits to clients from what our Coaches teach in addition to Longevity.

Health Professional problems/needs

Health & Wellness Professionals are looking for new ways to help their clients and to make additional revenue. What wellness programs make sense to add? We are providing an integrated Health and Wellness Philosophy which will integrate with existing skills you already have. You will be able to teach your clients a new longer and healthier lifestyle and earn additional coaching dollars too.

Baby Boomer Mega Market Trends – Chronic Illnesses

Our research shows, that Chronic Illnesses in the U.S. will become over the next years harder and harder to manage with our aging population. Preventative care will become more and more important within daily healthcare. Chronic Illnesses are therefore a good focus to manage with what Long Term Health & Longevity Coaching can offer. The trend toward holistic and complementary medicine will get stronger and stronger over the next decade.

A wellness revolution is already in full swing – and you can jump on the long term health & longevity coaching train and monetize on it ! See how below…

Am I the right type of person to start an Exciting and Profitable New Career as a Longevity Coach ?



Longevity Coaching is for you if you are…

  • A transformational author, motivational speaker, trainer or coach and want to increase income and client impact
  • someone transitioning into/starting health coaching and in need of support for effectively finding clients
  • health or wellness coach, that has plateaued or is otherwise rebranding/moving in a new direction and wants to be sure to develop it in a way that it has the most potential for the future
  • recent coaching school graduate now ready to start getting clients who needs to take care of their long-term health needs.

Longevity Coaching is also a perfect fit for you, if you…

  • Feel a bigger calling emerging in your profession and life – and want support in clarifying your direction on it on how to move forward
  • Have already a purpose-based, health or spiritual based career that isn’t growing or making money as you wish it would
  • Feel trapped by your current work or business, without enough time for yourself, your family or the leisure you crave
  • Are uncertain about what your caring soul’s purpose really is – and how to incorporate it fully into your work
  • Want to be paid well for your caring services, but haven’t found the right vehicle to express your desire to serve in a way that makes money (leaving you worrying about finances frequently)
  • Are reinventing your coaching career after a setback or family commitment that has caused you to rethink your path
  • You have tried everything you know – and still can’t stay on a focused path to success…

then LONGEVITY COACHING is currently the best way to secure your future coaching career !


Benefits of becoming a Longevity Coach in 2019:

You can use your Experience to help others with their long term health You can build a new coaching business with an excellent stream of income You can work your own hours–since you set the appointment times You can work at home if you want and coach over the phone or on Skype By studying the Personal Longevity Program, you can learn how to address your own aging concerns

LONGEVITY COACHING is an exiting new field with lots of room to grow, so you can build a large practice or even train others to help you grow your business !

You can become an Affiliate and make big commissions reselling our longevity products & services to your own clients You can count on continued support from us on our blog and with regular teleconferences Slide1


I was interested in the longevity coaching program, so I can add more tools to my practice and help women achieve better health and maximize their longevity in their lives. Also, so that my clients can learn to use their intuition for safety in their lives. I learned more about people who have lived really long lives up to 150 years, so that now I know it’s possible and I learned about the importance of my spiritual connection too. It will also allow me to better help clients to develop their life purpose. Kat- A certified hypnotherapist and personal life coach
I did not realize prior to taking Marty’s longevity course just how dependent the length of my life was on my thoughts and beliefs about age. I have only scratched the surface of this important course, and already I can see conditioned thought dissolving as awareness and scientific evidence replaces my upbringing. We all may be able to live a thousand without even knowing it ! Think of the careers I could try out! Think of the bucket list of activities I could accomplish! Think of the enlightened spirit I could arrive at if I did not have to keep starting at age zero over and over again!! Cheryl- a successful Diet Coach

Longevity Coaching is related to Health and Wellness Coaching

Longevity Coaching is a brand new specialty which is growing fast, given our aging Baby Boomer Population. The difference is that Longevity Coaching covers a much broader spectrum than traditional Health & Wellness Coaching.

Health & Wellness Coaching is a broad new field that didn’t even exist 10 years ago and is now considered one of the hot new careers. Longevity Coaching is closely related to Health and Wellness Coaching which many surveys have identified as one of the hottest new and fastest growing professions of the last ten years. Many health care organizations, hospitals, and wellness groups hire and use health and wellness consultants. Traditional Wellness Coaching focuses on the psychology of health and the physical body. Longevity Coaching includes these factors but also includes our spiritual connection, unconditional love, the psychology of living, scientific research on longevity, vital forces, and using intuition for safety. It covers the entire holistic and traditional medical subjects on long term health, happiness, and longevity. It’s a New Career where you can help others-or expand your existing coaching business ! Slide2


What is our Longevity Coaching Based on?

It’s based on the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity – a philosophy of Long Term Health, Greater Happiness, and Extended Longevity

These principles are laid out in a step by step process to help people understand and implement them in their lives:

Principle #1 – The Reality of Long Lived People


The first principle is the evidence of people who have lived well over the age of 120 years old to 150-180-200, and even a 256 year old man from China: LI CHING-YUN: The Longest Lived person of record-256 Years (Source-The New York Times-May 6, 1933)





The Second Principle of Life Purpose

Within our Longevity Research we found out, that if one doesn’t have a reason to live, or have a purpose in life–then what is the point? This means a very important step to develop longevity is how you can develop your own positive life purpose, or bring it up to date with your phase in life. Without reviewing your purpose–none of the rest of the longevity principles matter.


Principle#3 – Enabling the Life Urge

Have you ever realized how we are all programmed to expect to live through certain stages in life and then die? It’s so common in our society that we don’t think it odd that we expect to die at a certain age? Have you ever heard radio ads saying “You are getting up in your sixties and seventies” so it’s time to come out to our cemetery and buy a plot” How ridiculous is this? and do you see how much our subconscious has been programmed towards death? This principle is all about reprogramming ourselves to have a more positive outlook on life and it’s possibilities.

Principle#4 – Having a Spiritual Connection in Your Life

Most of us innately understand that we have a spiritual core in the center of our being. It is this spiritual core that we need to connect with to enable our physical health too. It doesn’t matter what religion you are. Regular meditation, deep prayer, or just walking in the woods helps you make tor keep that connection in your life.



Principle#5 – Having Love In Your Heart

One of the most important things I learned in the last five years was that Unconditional Love is a real and physical thing. It is a powerful energy force in life and not just a philosophical belief system. I considered it so important that I added it as a separate principle of longevity. True Unconditional Love is healing, embodies happiness, and is a powerful part of our vital forces.




Principle #6 – Energy Body Health

We all have an energy body which is part of our vital forces. The Indian talk about the “Chakras” and the Chinese talk about “Energy Meridians” in Acupuncture. We should all learn different practices to keep our vital forces flowing for maximum health and vitality.






Principle #7 – The Science of Longevity

Science and Medicine are making new discoveries all the time that we can take advantage of to extend our lives. Why not take advantage of these discoveries which provide new therapies and supplements to increase our longevity. There is also a lot we can learn from plants and animals. We all share the same genetic basis. Some of these plants and animals live thousands of years and some cells are immortal. What can we learn from them to apply to our lives?


Principle#8 – Physical Body Health

There are many types of supplements used for anti aging for thousands of years. What can we learn about them that we can apply to our lives. What other considerations about our physical health does non traditional or alternative medicine offer?

Principle#9 – Using Your Intuition For Safety

Once you have established your own long term health then what is the greatest danger you face?


We can learn to use our intuition to make us safer as well as see potential future events which may be good too. Why not open up to the possibilities of how our spirit has this natural ability in all of us?

Principle#10 – Implementing These Principles in Your Life


It’s nice to read about all these concepts, but how can you really apply them to your own life? This is what the chapter on implementation is all about, and it helps you plan a life long change in your health focus to live these principles and truly experience long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity.You and your clients will find this very exciting.


How can I start with Longevity Coaching ?

We have one online Professional Longevity Coaching Program–with 2 payment options. Determine which best suits your learning speed, budget, and time availability. Click on each of the options to see the program structure and details..

The Professional Longevity Coaching Online Study Certificate Program



open-minded Within this extensive Online Training you will get 60+ hours of our 13 longevity training courses-12 on the 10 principles and 1 on how to coach clients. The course content consists of reading, audio, video, exercises, and tests to check your learned skills. You will also receive five great eBook bonuses.

Each course also includes a link to an additional resources page which has many more free downloads and links to other resources of interest. We use the Moodle online training system which is used by thousands of universities and companies worldwide to host training programs.

It is a full function system with user document storage, online tests and grading, and many other helpful features. The system has been thoroughly tested, used for certificate students, and users love it. There are the same 12 courses in the core training.

The Courses include the following:

Course #1 Real Long Lived Persons

Course #2 What is Your Purpose in Living?

Course #3 Enabling the Life Urge

Course #4 Your Spiritual Health

Course #5 Having Love in Your Heart

Course #6-Energy Body Health

Course#7 The Science of Longevity

Course #8A Physical Body Health

Course #8B Diets and Lifestyles of Long LIved People

Course #8C Weight and Exercise

Course #10-Using Your Intuition for Safety

Course #11-Personal Longevity Program Self-Implementation It’s nice to read about all these concepts, but how can you really apply them to your own life? This is what the implementation is all about, and it helps you plan a life long change in your health focus to live these principles and truly experience long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity.

The implementation process includes several forms which you will learn to use to apply to your life for better long term health and longevity.

Course#12-How to Coach the 10 Principles This course is designed for students of the Personal Longevity Program who also want to become Longevity Coaches.

Take your freedom and take the Longevity Coaching Course on a for you convenient longer learning pace. It is totally up to you, how long it takes, until you can achieve your Longevity Coaching Certificate, even if it is in an half year, or in one year !

The Program includes additional coaching Ebooks and resources to help you start with Longevity Coaching and earn money. If you are new to coaching this will give you the basic techniques and approaches you can use to develop your own successful coaching business fast.  –

Only $1,995 as one time fee for all Longevity Coaching Certificate Online Training Courses!

These courses are totally designed for students of the Personal Longevity Program who also want to become Longevity Coaches in their local area. It includes additional coaching Ebooks and resources.

If you are new to coaching this will give you the basic techniques and approaches you can use to develop your own successful coaching business. Ask us for exclusivity arrangements for your local area and…

Start your Longevity Coaching Career now !      

healthcoach men


 Will I get training on how to Coach my clients?


In addition to the 11 courses on the 10 Principles we also have an 12th course titled “How to Coach the 10 Principles” as part of the same package.

In this course for coaches you will get & learn the following:

You will get a 100 page Ebook on How to Build Your Coaching Business

How to get potential clients excited to learn about Longevity and apply it to their lives.

A profile spreadsheet you will have clients fill out which tells you which areas they need your help.

Exercises to teach and work with your clients on for each principle

An implementation planning set of forms to help them implement what you taught them in their lives.

General Coaching techniques to help clients with their problems and how to break through barriers Our Support Database which supplies many additional sales tools and coaching advice blog postings, and more….

Forms to use with your clients to get commitments from them and lay out the coaching program


Jump start your Longevity coaching Career now !

If you want to learn all about the Personal Longevity Program itself, before you decide to become a Longevity Coach, you can see all of our currently available learning course options below. You can choose from our convenient home study solutions, or start right away with one of our time flexible Personal Longevity online courses. Start to maximize your individual personal longevity now !


Here’s Just Some Of What You’re About To Discover:

Check Records of many long lived persons from 120 to 256 years old–bios, pictures, a 14 minute video, and more to help you and your clients breakdown the boundaries of old beliefs abut life extension

How you can take charge of your long term health, happiness, and longevity not only for yourself–but to help your clients do so too.

Check How to empower clients to Master and Control their own health and not depend upon government run healthcare to rule their future

Check How a melding of alternative health/holistic practices and traditional medicine and science provides the optimum set of principles to manage long term health.

Check A set of planning tools to help you and your clients with the consulting and implementation process for the 10 principles of personal longevity

Check Additional online resources of ebooks, audios, and more in our resource library which you will also get access to

Check A unique way of looking at your health, happiness, and longevity which is “out of the box” thinking now–but will become the way everyone thinks about long term health in the future!

Existing alternative/holistic and traditional health practitioners will want to team with you because you will have a unique offering to offer value to them and their clients too.

We really have created a step-by-step and day-by-day guide to help you invest in your practice or start a new career in longevity consulting and coaching.

The videos, audios, ebooks, exercises, and workbook that are included in the program cover just about every topic having to do with long term health. In short, it gives you EVERYTHING you need to start making BIG money as a longevity coach.

You will have all the knowledge and tools you need to be a success in the fast growing field of longevity consulting and coaching.

So you’re guaranteed to have an effective solution to sell to your clients, and the knowledge and support to back it up!


So who designed and wrote this training program?


If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself.

My name is Marty Ettington. I’ve spent my life learning about Spiritual Growth, Longevity, Long Term Health, and reading and learning about natural health practices.

In the last five years I’ve researched and investigated extensively around the world on long term health and longevity.

As an engineer and entrepreneur with 30 years experience in business I bring a unique and “outside of the box” focus on health and longevity.

I wanted to know not only if we could live a very long time–but why; and how can we take control of our long term health. I’ve found many of the answers-which I want to share with you.

I’ve also written over 28 Books/EBooks on Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Longevity related topics.

I designed the Personal Longevity Training Program from my life experiences and learning; and have validated the concepts and training over the last five years.

Author of Books on Longevity, Spirituality, and Health

As Seen on: crnlogo  conscious-lifelaguna-woods & Author of over 100 books including:

Cover-Main-1000H 10Principles-cover-large longevity-improve longevity-coaching-business Prophecy Book Cover largeslovecover godpowers-large Sci Method Cover-Small   


Customer Support

The intent of this program is not to just sell you my information products then walk away. I really want you to be successful, so long term support is an important part of the plan.

Our main website includes lots of information you can use with your own coaching clients:

A live Longevity Blog with articles by our Longevity Coaches (Over 840 Currently)

Detailed suggestions and exercises for you to use with your clients for each of the 10 principles

Sales Videos to help you qualify and connect with your clients

Discounts with outside vendors on services that will help your practices

Articles of interest on aging and related subjects

Website aids, pictures, articles stubs and more for your own website

Much more content as our program develops


Longevity Services for Health & Wellness Specialists

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So I have some questions for you…

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of a new and very fast growth Coaching market?

Do you want to finally launch or expand your longevity coaching business this year once and for all? Or do you want another 12 months to pass you by?

Because by investing in this unique program, and applying the principles, I GUARANTEE you’ll enjoy building new long term health and longevity clients in your business (and have long term health and extended longevity for yourself too).

So this really is a fantastic opportunity.

The only question now is… will you take it?     

To Your Success,


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P.S. In ‘The Personal Longevity Program’, I’m giving you step-by-step and day-by-day instructions for learning the longevity coaching business. And these principles work. I know, because I’ve tried and tested every single one myself!