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Meet Martin Ettington – Engineer, and Longevity Expert!


Martin has written 28 EBooks/Books on Wellness, Spirituality, Longevity, and is the creator of the new profession of Longevity Coaching.

He Designed the Longevity Subscription Membership site to help large numbers of people to implement the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity in their lives–very cost effectively.

Author of Books on Longevity, Spirituality, and Health

As Seen on: crnlogo  conscious-lifelaguna-woods & Author of 28 books including:

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A Few Testimonials:

FAQs Doc
I have read several books on spirituality, fitness and longevity but none of them match the 10 Principals of Personal Longevity. I read this book when Marty told me that it’s the basis of the Personal Longevity Program. Thanks a lot.
Becky A

Spiritual Guide

It is a friendly site easy to go through the topics and everything is easily reachable, smooth transitions between sections no hang ups, also it has a lot of useful material about longevity and immortality, Marty is an enthusiastic researcher about longevity and is always looking for the newest advances and tips on the subject…..Marty has changed dramatically the point of view I had from the span of life. …….. Thank you Marty for your help, information and advice and I think you have a very special place and mission in this world, keep going I hope see you in 500 years or at least this should be our life span just to consider a start point. God bless you

DR. Luis B.

The free information, the recipes, books, wow …… I am impressed by the amount of information that is on this site and books and free downloads, can not wait to try the recipes.

Nancy P.

As a subscriber to the Personal Longevity Subscription Service, I must thank Marty and team for the great work they have done with collecting such valuable information and packaging it into a beautiful and easy to use platform. Its my source of daily inspiration and I have created a great workout and diet routine from the material there. I specifically love the recipes so much and hey, somebody try the mushroom soups!

Brian Aris

Aris Media