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1)  Will the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity really help increase my health & longevity?
Developed over 8 years of research on longevity, the 10 Principles are all about teaching users how to integrate their spirit, mind, and body to maximally optimize their long term health and longevity.
The FREE ECourse is designed to introduce you the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity; and the Membership Site includes a full Basic Longevity Training Program.
What we teach is supported by many studies in wellness and longevity so our approach should work for everyone if they implement the 10 Principles in their lives
2) What do you get with the longevity subscription service membership site?
  • NEW ! Personal Consulting on Aging and Chronic Illness Issues
  • The Richest Longevity Blog with over 890 entries–growing weekly !
  • Full Basic Longevity Training included in your subscription!
  • Healthy Living Books You’ve always wanted to read.
  • Delicious, Healthy but rare longevity recipes from around the world including Asia and the Caribbean!
  • Inspiring Health and Wellness Videos to help you live to accomplish all of your goals in life
  • Learn to reduce the symptoms of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high-blood pressure.
  • Apply methods to look and feel younger and slow your aging and live to accomplish all of your goals in life
  • Learn long term health practices to live over 120 years & beyond
  • Have a glimpse into the Diet and Lifestyles of Long Lived Persons
  • Even more features and data….too much to mention here
3) How is the Subscription Service laid out?
The subscription service has a huge amount of longevity info and longevity training which is laid out as different sections on the membership site.
The subscription service is designed to help members implement the 10 Principles in their lives and offer a great experience on everything regarding Longevity.
Signup for our email list which explains each Section of the site in detail. Here is a snapshot of the homepage:
4) What does a Membership cost?
Memberships for the personal longevity subscription service are only $10/month.
(Less than a couple of Starbucks coffees each month)
Even if you cancel right after you join- you will still get the full month’s access rights for your initial $10


5) Is there someway to get started without a monthly commitment?
Sure–Signup for our Basic Longevity Membership for $19.95 a one time fee.–Access the Longevity Blog, Podcast and Webinars.(2 out of 14 areas) Also get two great EBooks and one Healthy Ebooks Bundle. Order the Basic Membership Bundle below:




6) Why do we think our site is the World’s most comprehensive site on Longevity?
There are some other Longevity Blogs and informational sites, but none of them include the depth of training, longevity blog news, EBooks, and other longevity information we do.
There is more of everything on this Longevity Membership site.
We are also building a worldwide community of people interested in Longevity and Immortality.


7) What is Martin’s Background and credibility for developing Longevity Coaching and the Longevity Subscription Service?
Martin was trained as an Engineer, worked in Fortune 100 companies for 40 years, and did lots reading and writing about Spirituality and Longevity, as well as having many spiritual experiences. Then he started his research on long lived people starting in 2008 which continues to this day.
Being of analytical bent he developed the 10 Principles of Personal Longevity in 2011 to integrate his research on longevity with his spiritual knowledge and experiences.
Martin has validated many of his beliefs in longevity through related scientific studies. Some aspects are based on his subjective experiences. Some of the things in the training program can never be proven or disproven by science, but he has made his best attempt to link all of this information together as objectively as possible in line with his beliefs.


8) Do you have any user testimonials about the subscription site?
Click this button to go to our Longevity Testimonials Page: new-testimonials-button
9) How do I become a Full Member of the Personal Longevity Subscription Service?
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Why exactly should you want a Happier and Longer life?

Have you ever asked yourself this simple question? Yes, you want to live for long and be happy but why?

Everyone has a different reason:

To enjoy your wealth and the hard work of your youth!

To be around your loved ones long enough to support them an see them realize their dreams

To see the beautiful, fascinating and mysterious things that technology has to offer in future

To see the whole picture when you shall reflect back in the days of your life and realize that whatever it was, you had a big role to play in the advancement of yourself, family, country and human race hence your purpose in life.

To have time to execute every plan you have always had so that when the time comes for you to rest, you will surely rest a self-actualized happy old person with a legacy that will survive for generations to come.


While we are not promising immortality, we are convinced that living for 120 years and beyond is long enough for you to feel like you lived for ever. Based on the testimonials and words of the super centenarians from all round the world, it’s a blessing that everyone should experience, a joy like just being born and a gratification that makes the mind and the soul be at peace!

The journey is not started any other time but now. It counts from the time you change your mind set to focus on getting the best from the life you were given. It starts by adjusting your spirituality to be in tune with what your body and mind wants and it begins when you start minding about your health.

You are the master of your destiny and chances don’t play such a big role when it comes to a long and happy life. The actions you take now will determine the outcome!


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