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1) What is the history of the Personal Longevity Program?

The story goes back to 2008 when I researched the claims that Indian Yogis could live hundreds of years.

To my amazement I found people documented all over the world living to incredible ages– 130,150, 180, even 256 years old.

As a result I wrote my first book on longevity “Physical Immortality: A History and How to Guide” on how synchronizing spirit, mind, and body leads to optimal long term health.

This was followed by several more years of learning and meeting people in the “immortalist” interest niche.

In 2011, based on everything I had learned in the previous several years, I wrote “The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

Since then I developed and started selling Longevity Coaching and more recently the Packaged Longevity Workshops–I am still building and adding onto what we teach.

In the last few years our program is creating a new niche worldwide of people who understand the value of what we are teaching and how to apply the principles to their lives.

2) What is the Personal Longevity Program all about?

We offer Longevity Coaching Training, our Exclusive  Membership Site, and Packaged Longevity Workshops

The Coaching Program is twelve course series leading to a Certificate in Personal Longevity knowledge which is a transformational program for your long term health, happiness, and extended longevity–and to help you grow your coaching business.

Each course is designed as a module covering specific topics related to the PLP philosophy which includes videos, ebooks, exercises, presentations, tests, and more.

The Exclusive Membership Site is a hug repository of longevity information. A great investment for your long term health. Exclusive Membership Information

Packaged Longevity Workshops are targeted at trainers and organizations who want to hold Longevity Seminars and Workshops and who will be interested in what we provide as an already fully developed workshop experience with all of the materials completed–right out of the box.

3) What are the different training options available?

We have different training options for different budgets and different learning objectives. Products are on the Products Menu

Pricing options are shown on the Prices page on this site.

4) Why are there tests on each course in the coaching program?

The tests are designed to check the student’s knowledge of each course. The questions are essay questions related to the assignments.

The tests are required if you decide to go for the PLP certificate.

5) How are the tests graded?

We do not use a black and white scoring system. If the student’s answer is reasonably close to a correct one the question is marked correct. The question responses are mainly to show that the student has made an effort to read and study the materials.

6) How may I use the materials such as ebooks and videos that I get from the courses?

You are allowed to keep these materials and use them with your clients, but you can’t use them for lectures and presentations to a group unless you have purchased a Workshop license

7) What are reasons I should get a certificate in the Personal Longevity Program (PLP)?

The first and biggest reason is that completing the PLP will provide you with a new philosophy or long term health and happiness for yourself.

The certificate says that you have completed all of the course work with a proficient level of knowledge of the materials and have a thorough understanding of the concepts involved, and an ability to apply them.

With a certificate you will be a full longevity coach and authorized to join our other services and marketing programs to help you grow your business.

The certificate also means you are now qualified to coach others on how to apply the 10 Principles to their lives too.


Martin Kirk Ettington was born in 1955 in Corning, NY.

He trained as an engineer getting a B.S. in Engineering Science at Renesselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY in 1977, He also did extensive graduate work in Computer Science and Management at several schools over the years.

Martin had a successful 35+ year career in Fortune 100 companies in Technical Sales and later IT development and Project Management.

An entrepreneur since the early 1990s he has developed and successfully marketed software products for database design and CRM.

His passions about the Spiritual world, the Paranormal, and Wellness go back to his teenage years when he first learned to meditate at 19 years old and had many spiritual experiences as a result.

 Author of 28 Ebooks/Books on all of the above subjects since the early 2000s. These Books/Ebooks can all be found on: http://mkettingtonbooks.com

His Mission is to spread the concepts of Personal Freedom & the 10 Principles Philosophy of long term health, happiness, and longevity to the far corners of the world.

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