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A recently published article of mine about handling stress in the workplace environment:

Here is an response I wrote to a friend on the scientific justification of the 10 principles integrating spirit, mind, and body:

Now on the question of professional orgs “poking holes” in what I’m saying:
First point would be on my evidence of long lived people. I’ve had a number of doctors say “They just don’t believe me” when it comes to long lived people. Where are the birth certificates? They say. My first answer is that birth certificates didn’t exist prior to the end of the 19th century. Second I mention that I go by historical documents, church records, and articles/books written by others at the time, and that the large number of people I’ve found and keep finding is evidence itself that there must be some truth to what I’m saying. Who is their authority on aging–The Guinness Book of World Records? Ha Ha
On the importance of a spiritual connection to health, I refer to studies on the importance of mindfulness to health and how it affects our anterior nervous system to stabilize our organs and glands.
On intuition, numerous studies were done in the 20th century by organizations like the American Society for Psychical Research which showed the existence of the paranormal abilities statistically in the ranges of millions to one.
Overall, I think any scientific skepticism about what I teach comes from closed mindedness by otherwise well educated people who have defined a “Reality Box” which they believe and everything outside of that box is wrong. I actually wrote a book back in 2000 titled “Using The Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal” so I’ve examined scientific paradigms quite closely. (I’m an engineer too–B.S. Engineering Science RPI, Troy NY, 1977) These paradigms can be changed to use additional instruments to measure what we currently don’t see a way to do so.
So overall, I think there is good logic and scientific understanding behind what I teach–getting people to listen and think “Outside of the Box” is the issue.
The history of scientific knowledge is that scientists are closed minded about new thinking until the paradigm changes. Tectonic Plates moving continents is a good example. I think conventional beliefs about health and wellness are close to a major paradigm shift.