An interactive book between the informational text and the reader is present throughout “Money and Me” where there it can be seen as a workbook for your life.  This book is not only about money and how to build a relationship with success on that level, but is really about where you are at in life at this moment, asking yourself what you want out of life and building action steps to achieve what you set your mind to.

The author first challenges your thought process, asking questions throughout the text that help you to discover your purpose in life.  By knowing what you want, there are then the steps throughout the next few chapters of breaking down barriers.  This includes elimination of negative influences, removing boundaries that have been set in your mind, and questioning your beliefs.

“If you don’t know where you should be going in life… you won’t know how to get there.” (page 6)

“Money and Me” is a book of great value to those that want to create a new focus in their life that they want to trust and believe in.  This book allows you to focus on money in a new way, and first starts with yourself.  Basic principles are also addressed in a unique manor that include celebrating small accomplishments, rewarding yourself, and giving to yourself and others.

“Money is trust and trust is power. As well, shift your focus.” (page 26)

Throughout this short read, a total of 45 pages, chapters include “Why the Not So Dear Pull in Wealth and Solace.”  “Circulation And Money” along with “Cosmic Method of Accounting” are also chapters to not miss!  Words from the author:

“Money can have its own identity, power and presence. Learning how to have the correct attitudes about money can help you get so much further financially.
As well, understanding how your view of money can change your circumstances is important as well. Learn all you can!”

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