Love begins from birth and can be easily carried out throughout life by the human necessity of affection.  People strive and live for lasting affection.  It is healthy to feel emotions and feel nurtured.  Through these states of feeling, love can be brought forward in a positive manner.  So positive in fact that affectionate behavior is linked to many health benefits.

According to psychologist Henry Murray, there are five types of affection needs.  These include affiliation, nurturance, play, rejection, and succorance.  Examples of these types of affections include the following:

  1. Spending time with other people
  2. Taking care of another person
  3. Having fun with others
  4. Rejecting other people
  5. Being helped or protected by others

These affection needs are both on a conscious and unconscious level, just as our love for others can be.  Ask yourself if you are participating in the 5 types of affection.  What areas may you be lacking in?  Acknowledge your truth for you have just discovered what may or may not be missing links to your own pleasantness, pleasure, and displeasure.  Once having realized this, you are then able to take charge with how you want to feel with yourself, especially in direct relation to love.  Are you experiencing tension or relaxation?  Excitement or depression?

Having answered these questions and digesting your answers, dig deep into the 5 types of affection and fill in those blocks one step at a time.  Keep track of the small steps you make toward becoming a well-rounded, affectionate person.  Thank yourself and others.  Feel gratitude around you.  You have the power to feel and express your love.  You are love!

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