When I do speaking engagements ones question I like to ask all of my audiences is this:

How long do you want to live and why?

Many people have never really thought about this but of those who have I usually get two types of answers:

1) That they only want to live to be about 70-80 years old.

When I press them as to why they usually say that they don’t want to be old and infirm–inactive and unable to enjoy life.

What they don’t seem to realize is that persons who have lived to become super-centenarians are all active–they walk, they exercise, they garden–they all have pretty active lives.

So it’s this illusion about what it means to be old that needs to be changed in most individual’s consciousness.

2) The second answer is that they want to live to complete their mission on earth.

This is an answer I can identify with since it’s the way I think about my reason for being on earth.

It also means some of those people may live long lives and some short.

It’s all about accomplishing what we were born on earth to do.

I wish everyone thought that way.

Marty Ettington